Steen Dalgas

client strategy for cloud, Nutanix

Steen Dalgas is a qualified Chartered Accountant based in London and is a Cloud Economist. He has spent more than 20 years working in Information Technology customer facing advisory roles at IBM before joining Nutanix in 2017.

Steen joined Nutanix attracted by the compelling business proposition - which is focused on delivering Financial Outcomes for our customers including lowering Cost of IT by up to 60% and Business Outcomes including improvements of service. A key part of the approach is to apply metrics to measure success in advance of the investment and to measure post investment success.

Steen has been instrumental in developing the Cloud Economist role within Nutanix. The role was created to respond to a need from customers to help them understand the complexity of choosing a Cloud Platform and to determine which approach would deliver the most value.

The Nutanix Cloud Economist Team have developed a methodology to understand the Total Cost of Ownership of Public Cloud, Traditional IT and HCI appliances. Steen works closely with customers to help them to calculate financial metrics to support investment decisions and to present these in the language of business – finance terms.

Steen recently contributed to Steve Kaplan’s book – The ROI Story: A Guide for IT Leaders (2019). Written for CIOs, cloud providers, channel partners, and IT leaders, this book provides a framework for making intelligent infrastructure decisions rooted in financial analysis.

Steen Dalgas will be speaking on the following topic:

How do the different cloud approaches stack up against each other from a cost perspective?

In 2020, four out of five organisations will be adopting cloud in some form, whether it is a wholly public cloud platform, a private cloud or some form of hybrid solution. How do the different approaches stack up against each other from a cost perspective? What is the correct way to evaluate the different options? Apart from cost, what other strategic considerations should be noted in an effective cloud strategy?

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