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ITWeb Digital
Economy 2020

19 May
The Forum Bryanston

Who do you trust with your digital transformation? Do you have a digital transformation strategy that’s aligned to your business? Are you sick of the hype and just want results?

At the ITWeb Digital Economy Summit, we invited the people you trust to help you build the strategy that works. Economists, digital strategists and global leaders will be discussing the drivers and challenges that affect the digital economy.

This event isn’t interested in hype. It’s interested in the real tools businesses need to thrive in 4IR.

Join us, get the benefits, see the results, and build the strategy that will take you to the edge of digitisation.

Keynote Speaker

Miriam Altman

commissioner, National Planning Commission

A recognised economist, strategist and thought leader, Miriam Altman is a passionate advocate of digital education and economic and digital strategies. In addition to her role at the National Planning Commission, she was director at Altman Advisory; the strategic advisor to the CEO of Extramarks; and she has produced more than 100 publications. A skilled advisor, she brings insight into digital company investment at points of growth inflection, digital education and digital strategic growth.


Six reasons why the ITWeb Digital Economy Summit will change your business future:

  1. Gain insight into the impact of digitisation on the South African economy.
  2. Develop a digitisation strategy designed for your unique business and market.
  3. Discover how to get funding and ROI through your digitisation strategy.
  4. Unlock the potential of the key technologies that underpin the digital economy.
  5. Skill and upskill employees strategically, benefiting the business, their career growth and your move from manual to digital.
  6. See tangible examples of how the digital economy delivers measurable results.


ITWeb Digital Economy 2019 Summit provides you with an unequalled platform to reach and market your products, solutions, services and technologies to a qualified senior-level decision-maker audience from both the private and public sectors.

Your sponsorship gives you a cost-effective marketing solution that will position your company as a leader, provide you with qualified leads and bring you face-to-face with existing customers and new prospects. Our campaign provides you with exposure at the event and also pre- and post-event throughout all of ITWeb’s communication channels.


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