Danie Marais

Director of Product Management, Redstor

Danie Marais is one of the founding partners of Redstor and our Director of Product Management. He developed the first Backup Pro Storage Platform and many of his designs are still used. Today he is responsible for the Product Roadmap and still plays a very active role as part of the Development Team. Prior to working with Redstor, Danie was a freelance developer. He comes armed with an arsenal of skills and experience around agile methodologies, cloud computing, SaaS and UX, among others.

Danie Marais will be speaking on the following topic:

Confidently manage your data risk and easily prove compliance

Inaccessible and unsecured data is a challenge familiar to many organisations. Today, data is more intrinsically valuable than ever before, as the flow of data now contributes more to world GDP than the flow of physical goods. It's a key asset to business, but companies are unable to leverage the asset if their data isn't readily accessible or properly secured. Businesses are struggling to keep track of what data they have, where it's stored and who has access to it across multiple devices, applications and platforms. During this session, Danie will look at what an on-demand world for data management looks like in the future of POPI and compliance. The future may be closer than you think.

  • How to take control of your data
  • Making data more accessible
  • Data compliance in the age of POPI

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