Nathan Desfontaines

Group Head: Cyber Security & Governance, Telesure Group Services

Nathan is a highly recognised and equally qualified cyber security practitioner. He currently serves as the Head of Cyber Security & Governance for Telesure Group Services and is responsible for their cyber security, security governance, information privacy and regulatory compliance.

Nathan plays an active role in the cyber security community by facilitating and speaking at numerous conferences and with media, while forming part of specialist panels. He is a leader in ensuring the success of cyber security through a combination of business and technical acumen.

Nathan Desfontaines will be speaking on the following topic:

Case Study: Integrated risk management: Making it clear that IT risks are business risks
  • Understanding integrated risk management from a governance and cultural perspective
  • Selective integrating: modifying and customising integrated risk management practices where it makes sense
  • Knowing when integrated risk management can assist with streamlining business processes in areas like:
    • Risk assessments;
    • Audits;
    • Security breaches; and
    • Data management.

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