Governance frameworks and implementation

Data governance: guaranteeing reliable data that is well protected

Workshop 1 - Governance frameworks and implementation

Gary Hardy, Owner, IT Winners

Gary is owner of ITWinners based in Cape Town, and has over 40 years' experience in the IT industry, recognised globally as an expert and thought leader in gaining business value from technology. He has helped organisations around the world apply IT governance and management good practices as a strategic enterprise-wide business change. He has a vast amount of real world implementation experience which he is able to share. Gary has also helped develop good practice frameworks for more than 25 years and was one of the initiators of the COBIT Framework in 1992 and a lead developer of all COBIT versions. Gary also authored the "Interfacing and Adopting ITIL and COBIT" publication for Axelos. Gary is a Regional Ambassador for the BRM Institute and member of the Executive Council. He is lead trainer for COBIT and BRM, a CBRM and CGEIT.

Part One: Choosing your IT Governance framework: It's not a one size fit all exercise
  • Linking potential frameworks to business drivers and the existing environment
  • Exploring the various IT governance frameworks:
    • KING IV: Corporate Governance Code for South Africa
    • COBIT 2019: Governance of Enterprise IT
    • BRM: Strategic Partnering between IT & HR, Finance and Business for Value
    • TOGAF, Business Architecture Guild: Architecture
    • ITIL4 and other similar Frameworks: Service Management
    • ISO27000: Information Security
    • CMMI: Assessing Capability and Maturity
  • How to integrate and adapt guidance from frameworks into an IT governance initiative
Part two: Implementing your IT governance initiative
  • Positioning IT Governance correctly with stakeholders for business value
  • Influencing the board
  • Identifying who will share the responsibility for IT governance and the team that will be driving the implementation
  • Identifying the gap between, existing capabilities and required capabilities
  • Communication, and enabling a culture change across the enterprise in the digital age
  • Deploying your IT governance solution: How to incrementally improve capabilities
Workshop commences
Networking and refreshments
Workshop one closes; lunch and networking

Workshop 2 - Data governance: guaranteeing reliable data that is well protected

Russell Nel, Privacy Specialist, privacyconsulting

These days, data is seen as the most valuable resource an organisation possesses. During this workshop, we will explore how you can protect and govern this valuable asset.

Part one:
  • Developing policies for effective data use that is in line with compliance requirements
    • POPIA
    • GDPR
  • Privacy policies: is it enough to protect your organisation's and clients' data?
  • Key points to consider when implementing a data governance programme
  • Recognising the interconnected nature of IT governance, data governance and cloud governance
Part two:
  • A practical approach: creating awareness internally regarding data handling
  • Putting in place formal controls to maximise cross-functional processes and integration of departmental information
  • How long to hold on to data: deciding when data has become redundant
  • Cross-border data: how to protect data transferred to other countries
  • Agile data governance: implementing a less rigid stance towards managing and governing evolving data
Workshop 2 commences
Networking and refreshments
Workshop two ends

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