Christelle Bure

Director and co-founder, Metatrans

Christelle Bure, Director and co-founder, Metatrans

Christelle Bure is passionate about enabling companies to thrive in a fast-paced digital environment, through the utilisation of technology and the development and empowerment of its people. Bure is a lifelong entrepreneur who has co-founded businesses in the entertainment, consulting and services industries, co-owned a training and development company, as well as leading numerous large-scale business transformation projects in corporate environments. She is particularly interested in the role emotional intelligence has on future leadership capability (currently her research topic as part of her MCom degree).

Bure's portfolio in Metatrans is Training and Implementation. She believes in a practical, no-nonsense approach to the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) implementations and her team has, for the past two years (and is currently busy), implemented POPIA compliance in various companies, ranging from banking and financial services to telecoms and government, and even a medical practitioner and nursery school.

Combining her passion for people development with the hard skill of project implementation, she has found a niche in privacy compliance implementation. She believes the success of POPIA compliance lies in the hearts and minds of the people. The processes, policies and standards have to be in place, but alone they do not guarantee success. It is a subtle balance between these two that creates a synergy which carries the organisation into compliance.

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