John Giles

Legal advisor, Michalsons

John Giles, managing attorney, Michalsons

John Giles is a trusted independent professional legal adviser, who is a practising attorney. He is currently helping many people understand the practical impact of POPI on their organisations. He helps them to comply with POPI and implement effective privacy projects. He has also presented over 50 times on the topic to thousands of people. John is an information, communications and technology (ICT) lawyer. He has 20 years of practical experience applying his knowledge to organisations to help them grow and avoid legal problems, difficulties, and disputes.

John Giles will be speaking on the following topic:

Find out more about the biggest data protection challenges and how to overcome them
  • What is stopping you from complying or standing in your way?
  • How do you overcome these challenges?
  • How to comply without crippling the organisation?
  • How to reduce the cost of compliance?

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