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15 – 19 May 2017


Manuel Corregedor

Chief operating officer, Telspace Systems

Manuel Corregedor, COO, Telspace Systems

Manuel Corregedor is COO at Telspace Systems. He has a passion for information security and, over the years, has gained significant knowledge and experience in both the technical (operational) and management areas of information security.

Corregedor has been involved in information security related research, training, awareness and advisory projects throughout his career, targeting industry sectors, large financial/government institutions, multinational organisations and SMEs. He has overseen a large number of information security projects, including but not limited to the following:

  • Implementing an information security management system;
  • Incident management; and
  • Assessing organisations, identifying gaps and remediating the identified gaps.

He was previously a full-time lecturer at the University of Johannesburg, where he specialised in the fields of software engineering and information security. He provides specialised and tailor-made information security training to different teams within organisations. Corregedor also facilitates and speaks at numerous conferences, as well as partaking in radio interviews and forming part of specialist panels. He has done a significant amount of research in the area of malware and anti-malware techniques. He holds the following degrees from the University of Johannesburg: BSc IT, BSc honour's in IT, and an MSc IT in the field of information security. He is currently completing his PhD in computer science in the field of information security focusing on malware. He also holds a number of information security related certifications.

Manuel Corregedor will be speaking on the following topic:

Industry Perspective A false sense of information security

Information security and, more specifically, cyber security, has moved up the list of risks faced by organisations over the past few years. This has resulted in organisations and executives becoming increasingly accountable for ensuring information security risks are adequately managed within the organisation.

Manuel Corregedor says although organisations look great on paper, in reality their controls are not adequately implemented to deal with the latest threats and vulnerabilities. Additionally, there is always a disconnect between what the organisation's management believes is in place and what the operational teams actually have in place.

Corregedor will discuss the dangers of implementing information security controls as part of just another "check box" exercise. He will then provide practical guidance on how companies can implement information security controls that are risk/threat-driven.

  • How not to implement information security
  • Practical guidance on how to achieve a good baseline of information security
  • Quick wins attendees can implement tomorrow


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