AgendaThursday 23 May 2019 - Southern Sun, Cape Sun

Arrival and registration
Opening remarks from the Chair
Opening Keynote Address: Examining the impact of people, processes, technology and regulation in combating cyber-attacks: how much progress have we made?

Charl van der Walt, chief strategy officer, SecureData SensePostCharl van der Walt, Chief Strategy Officer, SecureData SensePost (UK)

International Keynote Address: Politics and power in cybersecurity: how cyber operations are intimately linked with geo-strategy

Pukhraj Singh, Security Operations and Threat Intelligence Practitioner/WriterPukhraj Singh, Security Operations & Threat Intelligence Practitioner (India)

International Keynote address: Business and cybersecurity: the codependency

Pete Herzog, Managing Director, The Institute for Security and Open Methodologies (ISECOM) Pete Herzog, Managing Director, The Institute for Security and Open Methodologies (ISECOM) (USA)

Morning refreshments and networking
Total Wipe Out: What could happen if cyber criminals successfully attacked a country's critical infrastructure systems?

Veronica Schmitt, Lead Forensic Analyst, DFIR Labs

Case study living through a data breach (and how to make sure it doesn't happen again)

Henry Denner, Information Technology Security Officer, Gautrain Management AgencyHenry Denner, Information Technology Security Officer, Gautrain Management Agency

Threat intelligence sharing and collaboration: what is international best practice and to what extent could this be applied in SA?
Lunch and networking

Track One - Strategy and User Awareness

This track takes a strategic look at implementing a business-driven cyber security plan and where the responsibility for cyber security should sit within your organisation. It also examines how to raise awareness of cyber security throughout your business, from the boardroom to the shop-floor.

Where does cybersecurity belong in your organisation? Creating the right culture and structure to enable cybersecurity to be effective
Panel discussion How do you increase user awareness and keep your workforce 'cyberfit'?
Afternoon refreshments and networking
Cyber insurance: what are the benefits and what to look out for when choosing a cyber insurance product?
Quantifying cyber risk - bridging the divide between technology and the Board

Johan Botha, Chair, South Africa Chapter, FAIR InstituteJohan Botha, Chair, South Africa Chapter, FAIR Institute

An update on the Cybercrimes Bill
Closing remarks from the Chair and End of Conference

Track Two - Trends Impacting Security

This track will focus on the latest technology developments and the implications they have for information and cyber security. Some of the subjects covered include: AI, blockchain, cloud, IOT, containerisation, mobile devices, DevSecOps and much more.

Cloud security: how does the traditional security model need to change for cloud services?
Securing your IoT architecture
Afternoon refreshments and networking
Understanding the different approaches to EDR – which one is right for you?

Jeremy Matthews, Regional manager, Panda Security AfricaJeremy Matthews, Regional Manager, Panda Security

Is incident response broken? Why traditional incident response is not stopping cyber breaches

Jason Jordaan, principal forensic scientist and MD, DFIRLABSJason Jordaan, Principal Forensic Analyst, DFIR Labs

Threat Hunting: seek and you "might" find?

Andrew Lam, Head of Detections, SecureData

Closing remarks from the Chair and End of Summit

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