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Welcome and scene-setting

Clint Payne , Clint Payne, ,

Using AI and other emerging technologies to enhance your customer journey

Julia Ahlfeldt , Julia Ahlfeldt, ,

Enhancing loyalty, retaining customers and growing market share are key drivers towards enhancing customer experience. In addition to this, technology is changing the way we serve our client and digitally savvy clients demand that we improve the experience by giving them an omni-channel experience. During this session we will cover:

  • How to deal with the new digital customer
  • Developing a strategy before implementing technologies like AI
  • Mapping your customer journey to know where best to implement new technologies
  • Using AI to analyse and recognise new opportunities
Creating an omni-channel digital experience: assessing the costs and impact it can have

Rozina Atanassova , Rozina Atanassova, ,

  • How much does an omni-channel experience really cost?
  • Making sure you get ROI out of your investment
  • Which investments are must-haves for an effective omni-channel experience?
Refreshments and networking
The link between employee experience and customer experience

Eloise Boezak , Eloise Boezak, ,

  • Why EX is a reflection of your CX
  • Digitisation equals less human interaction: how to make the human experience more valuable to clients
  • How engaged employees can contribute towards a more customer-centric approach
How to evolve and align your business to become more customer-centric

Lynton Peters , Lynton Peters, ,

  • Empowering your workforce to deliver exceptional service at every touchpoint
  • Making the most of real-time feedback and interactions
  • Using design thinking to meet and empathise with your customers
Case study Upping the game: Using Drones to deliver blood in rural areas
Lunch and networking
Case study Virtual assistants vs the human touch: blending human and virtual assistant support for enhanced service delivery.

Technology, customers and markets are changing and evolving. Digitisation has had a profound effect on how companies serve their clients and clients have more options than ever before. This session will cover:

  • Knowing when to use a virtual assistant and when to give your customers the human touch
  • Self-service: Reducing response times with virtual customer support
  • Blending virtual agents and human agents for a more productive experience
How to deliver a personalised service while still protecting your client’s privacy
  • Using customer information ethically to drive more business
  • Gaining customer consent when processing their data
  • Knowing what type of data you have and storing it in the best possible way
  • Assessing the purpose of customer data and using it within those parameters
Refreshments and networking
Case study How virtual reality is changing the face of car buying

Asif Hoosen , Asif Hoosen, ,

  • How virtual reality and other technologies are helping in engaging the digital customer.
  • How to train and skill/upskill your staff for the adoption of technology enhanced CX experience.
  • How has this technology enhanced your customer experience?
Customer analytics: why data is king
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