Alan Radomsky, EMEA Sales Engineering Manager, Malwarebytes

Alan Radomsky

EMEA Sales Engineering Manager, Malwarebytes

Alan Radomsky joined Malwarebytes in July 2018 and EMEA Sales Engineering Manager. He has worked in IT Security for various organisations for around 15 years. Previous to Malwarebytes Alan held a number a number of Management, Senior Sales Engineer and Technical positions at leading security vendors and IT Security Resellers. Alan has worked across industry sectors such as Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Government and from Mid to Large Enterprise customers throughout his security career, so understands the challengers companies faces in today’s continual and rapidly changing threat landscape.

Alan Radomsky will be speaking on the following topic:

Please enter your DNA here: the risks and opportunities of behavioural biometrics

Today’s digitized world leaves us yearning for a password-less alternative, where we don’t need to memorize a plethora of cryptic characters. An innovative solution could be derived from the field of behavioural biometrics, where an individual’s behavioural patterns can be assessed for authentication. While such a method could bring about a new level of convenience and security, it also comes with considerable risk when the protection of your most sensitive data is in question. Attend this session to learn:

  • Examples of where these behavioural biometrics are already in place
  • Insights on recently identified opportunities and risks
  • How your DNA, behavioural biometrics and China’s social surveillance system are already connected

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