Craig McGee, Senior Sales Engineer, Forcepoint

Craig McGee

Senior Sales Engineer, Forcepoint

Craig McGee is a Senior Sales Engineer at Forcepoint, focusing on the Sub Saharan Africa Region. He has a duel role also specializing in the User and Data Security solutions under the Forcepoint umbrella. Craig’s working career is close to 18 years. During his many years in the industry he has provided official vendor training, become a specialist in IT Security and been a part of the Technical Account Management Team. His career at Forcepoint has also provided him the opportunity to work abroad in Sydney for 18 months.

Craig McGee will be speaking on the following topic:

Bridging points to a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB): the roles of Web and DLP

CASB is a big discussion point in organizations and companies worldwide. There is a huge push for it, but there is still some caution to embracing CASB. Have companies understood the correct reason to deploying a CASB in their environment? Some might not know how to do it. Forcepoint believes that Web and DLP play a significant part in a CASB journey and that these two historic assets must not be overlooked as the starting points for a CASB journey. Web and DLP will support the adoption of CASB. In the presentation we will unpack Web and DLP and the roles that they should be playing in the initial phases for CASB adoption. DLP will ensure that you have your data controls in place as you start your CASB journey. Web will help ease the CASB journey by easily moving Manger Users inline into the CASB service:

  • DLP will be a determining factor in determining the pass/fail of onboarding CASB
  • Use the Web egress point to seamlessly onboard corporate personal into your CASB environment

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