David Luyt, associate, Michalsons

David Luyt

Associate, Michalsons

David believes that less is more when it comes to the law. He works as an information lawyer because he enjoys simplifying complex ideas into practical insights. He facilitates interactive workshops, drafts beautiful documents, and writes succinct opinions so that corporates, SMEs, and entrepreneurs alike can use the law in an accessible and meaningful way to accelerate their business.

David Luyt will be speaking on the following topic:

No organisation is an island: Managing security under data processing relationships with empathy

How you manage data processing relationships matters, because no organisation is an island entirely of themselves. Every organisation is a piece of the archipelago, a part of the island chain.
Your organisation is probably a link in a chain, beginning with a sole or joint controller at the top, generally passing down to a processor and often ending with a sub-processor (or even additional subsequent processors) at the bottom. There are strict data protection laws (including the GDPR in the EU, the DPA in the UK and POPIA in South Africa) that regulate how that chain operates and require each link to enter into written data processing agreements (DPAs) with their neighbours.
Those DPAs need to meet certain requirements related to the security of personal data. In this presentation, David will explore them and what they mean for your organisation, based on your position in the chain. You will learn:

  • How to have better relationships with other organisations that you share data processing with when it comes to the security of that personal data
  • The significant steps you need to take towards complying with relevant data protection laws, when it comes to your data processing relationships and security
  • How to stand a better chance of escaping fines and other penalties for failing to comply with relevant data protection laws, when it comes to your data processing relationships and security

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