Jenny Mohanlall, CEO, RITS-SA

Jenny Mohanlall


With more than 22 years of experience within the IT industry, Jenny has had the privilege to gain cross-sector experience, in FMCG, medical and ICT, and in overall business strategy. Her ability to build and maintain key relationships both internationally and locally has allowed her to learn and experience diversity. Strategic risk, governance and security has been part of her portfolio and she has reported to international boards.

Jenny also spent time at Deutsche Telekom which allowed her to learn and experience AI, robotics, CIC, fraud and investigation training, IT ISO audits and due diligence. After taking a voluntary separation package from T-Systems, where she was the Chief Information and Security Officer, Jenny is now a Non-Executive Director and Interim CEO for RITS-SA, a start-up with a focus on security and IT. Jenny is currently doing her dissertation for an MBA and has applied for her PHD.

Jenny Mohanlall will be speaking on the following topic:

Panel discussion How do you increase user awareness and keep your workforce 'cyberfit'?
  • Understanding cyberpsychology: what is the impact of human behaviour on security within your organisation?
  • How do you demonstrate to users the risks on a business and personal level, e.g. what happens if you click on a link?
  • How do you design and implement an effective, ongoing phishing awareness campaign?
  • Creating a culture of reporting security incidents based on trust and understanding rather than fear

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