Lizelle van der Klashorst

Head: iDnA Governance, Risk & Compliance, FNB

Lizelle van der Klashorst is a passionate communicator, being able to ignite conversations with purpose. During her career, she has realised value in enterprise, information, process and IT architecture and management. She is passionate about driving programmes related to governance, risk, regulatory compliance and information driven innovation and decisioning, enabling business performance and compliance simultaneously. She has obtained Masters' qualifications in Commerce, Information, Knowledge, Information Technology Governance and Management including Organisational Transformation, having studied at institutions including University of Pretoria, University of South Africa, University of Johannesburg and Stellenbosch University. Industries such as the banking and financial, health, and tertiary education sectors have benefited from her drive, skill, experience and performance. She currently heads the risk portfolio of the core data and analytics capability at FNB and serves on the board of BMS network as advisory director. She has been published in the Journal of Information Management amongst others.

Lizelle van der Klashorst will be speaking on the following topic:

Case study Data security: how to ensure the protection of your data across complex legacy and modern IT systems

The use of data and information has become the lifeblood of any business, organisation and or large enterprise for business performance and competitive advantage. However, the pervasive availability and access to data, including very sensitive, privileged, contextualised information, has become a concern and definite area of focus for Boards and Executives alike. In addition, large organisations are faced with a mix of legacy and new systems with a high probability of duplication, including huge historical archives of data across the enterprise.
This reality poses significant risk and consequence from a regulatory compliance perspective and hefty fines, reputational impact, including business sustainability, as data can be misused for fraudulent and or malicious objectives. An integrated and holistic approach towards protecting data and data security must be formalised across business structures, products and services, people and culture, process, data/ information, technology and systems. Engagement, decision-making and governance structures are critical in ensuring that data protection strategy execution and operationalisation is achieved and data protection resilience maturity is optimised. This presentation will explore how to:

  • Simplify a complex problem using a structured, systems approach
  • Identify the core components required to drive a data protection programme

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