Marina Bidoli, Partner and Head, Brunswick, South Africa

Marina Bidoli

Partner and Head, Brunswick, South Africa

Marina has extensive experience in cross-border crisis work and transactions, as well as in media and stakeholder relations and corporate reputation management. She leads Brunswick's cyber and crises practices in Johannesburg. Marina has advised clients on all aspects of Brunswick's offering. Her clients span industry sectors and geographies. She has also supported not-for-profit organisations and industry associations. Prior to joining Brunswick in 2008, Marina headed up Group Communication at Sasol, the international integrated chemicals and energy company. She was an award-winning journalist and business editor at the Financial Mail in South Africa, where she was recognized as the Telkom ICT Journalist of the Year and in other technology journalism awards.

Marina holds a BA (Industrial Psychology & Industrial Sociology) from the University of Cape Town (UCT) and an MBA from the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). She was the founding editor of the GIBS Review and has contributed to international publications, including the Brunswick Review and Economist Intelligence Unit reports. She served as a judge on the respected journalism awards and is a member of the 30 Percent Club Southern Africa.

Marina Bidoli will be speaking on the following topic:

Cybersecurity: Increasing your reputational resilience

"When, not if" has long been a stark warning from cyber experts and regulators. Despite growing awareness that businesses can be brought to a standstill, too many organisations still do not take adequate steps to prepare in advance for a cyber breach or significant data incident. The reputational impact of a poor response can be severe, compounding the initial financial and operational impacts. Trust in leadership and the brand is eroded and badly handled communications can worsen the situation. It becomes a case of "You should have seen this coming. You should have been better prepared. Why did you not protect my information?" Recent Brunswick Insight research shows that, fairly or unfairly, there is much finger pointing, with the brunt of the blame for a cyber incident falling on the victim of the attack not the perpetrator. There has also been an increase in class action suits and, in significant breaches, the resignations of either their CEO, CISO and/or Head of Legal. So what does one do in such a toxic environment? In this presentation the speaker, Marina Bidoli, will look at reputational aspects of cyber breaches. She will provide some highlights of what works, and what does not.

  • Preparation pays: how can you prepare for a cybersecurity breach?
  • Toolkits, messaging, stakeholder maps and simulations matter: what should you have ready for a rapid response?
  • Case studies and tips on how best to navigate through the crisis
  • Steps needed to rebuild reputation and regain trust

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