Muyowa Mutemwa, Senior Cyber Security Specialist, CSIR

Muyowa Mutemwa

Senior Cyber Security Specialist, CSIR

Muyowa has 5 years' working experience with Telkom SA Ltd as a strategy architect in various roles such as designing data centre networks, user-access networks and storage networks. Since joining the Cyber Warfare team at the Council of Science and Industrial Research he has more than 2 years' working experience, firstly as a Cyber Security Specialist and currently as a Senior Cyber Security Specialist. His current role at the CSIR involves senior solution delivery for clients. He is the interim SOC manager responsible for designing, building and running the SOC. Muyowa has the following qualifications and certifications: a masters' degree in computer science (2011); CEH - Certified Ethical Hacking (ECC48905747097) – 2016; CompTIA Security+ (COMP001021239259) – 2017; CCNA – 2009; Cisco ACI Test Drive ACI-TD – 2015 and ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management - 2015.

Muyowa Mutemwa will be speaking on the following topic:

Case study Building a cost-effective cybersecurity Security Operations Centre for threat hunting and incident handling

In order to secure an IT environment against cybercrimes, there is a need to setup a Security Operations Centre (SOC). SOCs are critical to all organisations when it comes to detecting, analysing and reporting on various malicious activities that could occur. Implementing and operating a SOC is an expensive exercise, therefore in order to realize the desired ROI, a fine balance must be realised between the people, processes and technologies involved. This presentation will explain an architectural design of a cost-effective SOC using open-source tools, the different threat hunting models, listing the SOC maturing levels, listing of the required personnel skills, defining processes and procedures, defining the incident lifecycle and threat intelligence tools. Finally, this presentation will examine two examples of incidents that could occur in a SOC and how responders would handle the incident from identification to reporting and learning

  • Building a SOC for SMEs on a low budget
  • Requirements for SOC staff: what are the minimum skills needed?
  • What technology should be used?
  • What processes need to be put in place for successful running of a SOC?

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