Pete Herzog, Managing Director, The Institute for Security and Open Methodologies (ISECOM)

Pete Herzog

Managing Director, The Institute for Security and Open Methodologies (ISECOM) (Spain)

Pete Herzog is the co-founder and on the Board of Directors of ISECOM, researching and creating new solutions to complex security problems. As Managing Director of this non-profit research organisation, he manages the research of all projects including the two most recognized: OSSTMM and Hacker Highschool. He manages communications and sharing with the ISECOM community of over 10,000 participants, making interviews, articles and overseeing content for all ISECOM's public and private interactions. He created and now oversees maintenance of the ISECOM certifications for security testing and analysis, trust analysis and professional hacking. He also leads ISECOM's consulting and analysis engagements for private research initiatives and is a frequent trainer and presenter at security conferences and internal seminars for corporations.

Pete Herzog will be speaking on the following topic:

International Keynote address: Business and cybersecurity: the codependency

There is something quietly unsettling about cybersecurity. There is something pathetically optimistic about cybersafety. There's something nauseously helpless about being breached. Let's face it, cybersecurity is made from human suffering. We didn't know this when we got into it. With wide, shiny eyes we jumped in to do good. And like growing into adulthood, it slowly ate away our naïve joy. Your job is to secure operations. But nobody listens to you. There's no budget. Management keeps making bad security decisions that seem to sabotage your efforts. The security books, blogs, and tweeting pundits out there tell us we need to learn the language of business. We need to put risk in terms of money that management understands. We need to be like the management we're trying to protect. And that's where it all falls apart. The security to business relationship is often textbook abusive codependency. You do well and nobody notices. You fail and you get fired or worse - shamed by your peers over social media for whatever the company releases as the statement for the breach. So how do you do SecOps under those conditions? This talk will focus on new ways to approach SecOps to face the challenges you have today with business demands. We will look at new security research that will make a difference for how you do your job. Most of all we will show you technical security practices to help you sustain your new-found stance. This is how we get the thrill back from our jobs while lessening the pain: the technical, the managerial and the emotional.

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