Shira Rubinoff, President, SecureMySocial; President and Co-Founder, Prime Tech Partners (USA)

Shira Rubinoff

President, SecureMySocial; President & Co-Founder, Prime Tech Partners (USA)

Shira Rubinoff is a recognized cybersecurity executive, advisor, speaker & influencer, who has built two cybersecurity product companies and led multiple women-in-technology efforts. She currently serves as President of social-media-security firm, SecureMySocial & is President of NYC Tech Incubator, Prime Tech Partners, as well as on the Boards of the Executive Women's Forum for Information Security, Leading Women in Technology, blockchain company Mainframe and AI company, TrueConnect.
An expert in the human factors of information technology and security, Shira was named one of New Jersey's Best 50 Women in Business, was named by CSO Magazine as a Woman of Influence and was honoured by CSO and the EWF with their "One to Watch". Most recently she was honoured as an "Outstanding Woman in Infosec" by the CyberHub Summit. She has also been calculated by analysts to be the top female cybersecurity influencer globally on social media.
Before SecureMySocial, Shira founded and served for a decade as President of online authentication vendor, Green Armor Solutions. Within a year of releasing products, she grew the company to be a profitable concern. She more than doubled average deal size annually for three years consecutively, successfully executed OEM deals with major technology companies and led Green Armor's diversification across multiple industries.
Shira is a sought-after speaker and lectures on topics related to the human factors of cybersecurity and information security and holds several patents/patents-pending in areas related to the application of psychology to improve information technology and cybersecurity.

Shira Rubinoff will be speaking on the following topic:

International Keynote Address How to create proper cyber hygiene within your organisation – and why doing so is critical across all industries

Over the past few years we have witnessed major data breaches – compromising billions of confidential records – at some of the most recognised brands around the world. Nearly all of these breaches shared one major contributing factor: human error. Human error that, in many cases, might have been preventable had all relevant people throughout the targeted organisation been practising proper cyber hygiene.
This keynote will explore how to dramatically reduce the likelihood of human error/insider threats both malicious and non-malicious - and the cybersecurity nightmares that it can create - and will cover four major components of establishing proper cyber hygiene: continuous training for all employees, global awareness and education, maintaining up-to-date security and patching and implementing a zero-trust model. It will also cover various aspects of employee demographics, will explore the difference – and conflict between - security culture vs compliance culture and examine the human dynamics ramifications for security of different management styles. Providing the right training and having your employees understand that they are part of the solution and not the problem when it comes to overall strong cyber hygiene in your organisation will lead to a secure environment and happy and loyal employees.

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