TK Keanini, Distinguished Engineer, Advanced Threat Solutions, Cisco

TK Keanini

Distinguished Engineer, Advanced Threat Solutions, Cisco

TK Keanini brings more than 25 years of network and security experience to his role as Distinguished Engineer within Cisco's Security Business Group, where he uses his expertise in analytics to build a unified security architecture that enables customers to adapt and respond to ever-evolving threats. In 2017, TK and team were awarded the prestigious Cisco Pioneer Award recognising their innovative work on encrypted traffic analytics.

Prior to joining Cisco, TK served as CTO for Lancope where he and his team built the award-winning Stealthwatch™ product line. Before joining Lancope, he was CTO at nCircle, driving product innovation that defined the vulnerability management and configuration compliance market.

TK is a founding member of many security standards such as CVE and remains active in standards bodies that promote multi-vendor interoperability. As a highly regarded industry expert, his opinions and expertise have been featured in publications including Information Week, Federal Computer Week, Forbes, CNET News and CIO. TK is a frequent speaker at industry forums such as the RSA Conference, SANS Network Security, Security B-Sides, GFIRST and Cisco Live.

TK Keanini will be speaking on the following topic:

International Keynote Address: The future of security analytics: from static lists to machine learning

As we look back 20 years, what and how we defended our digital business was drastically different, yet the analytical outcome remains the same: detect and remediate threats in a timely manner. Threat actors have evolved, our environments have changed to include everything from traditional data centres to public clouds, network sessions are dark to direct inspection, and as a result, security analytics has had to innovate to keep pace. You should not have to be a data scientist to be an educated consumer of these advanced analytical techniques. In this talk, we will quickly review what machine learning is and set a foundation for talking about the different techniques, but more importantly, when to use it in certain applications and when not to use it. You will leave with six simple questions every security vendor applying machine learning should be able to answer and you will be a more educated consumer of this technology.

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