Yassin Watlal, Regional System Engineering Manager, META, CrowdStrike

Yassin Watlal

Regional System Engineering Manager, META, CrowdStrike

Yassin Watlal has 15 years of professional experience in IT and cybersecurity. During this time he has served as a Consulting System engineer and System Engineering Manager for various security organisations including FireEye, McAfee, Websense and Attivo Networks. His areas of expertise cover next generation endpoint security, network security, information security policy, incident response, forensics and malware analysis. He Holds a Master’s degree in IT Security from INSA de Lyon, France.

Yassin Watlal will be speaking on the following topic:

Combatting today’s advanced attacker: key trends, predictions and the need for speed

Nation state and e-crime attackers are getting much faster in breaking out inside the most protected environments and living “off-the-land” with malware-free attacks.
In this presentation you will learn about the latest tools and techniques to combat the planet’s most advanced attackers, including:

  • Real-world examples of how cybercriminals combine advanced, targeted attack techniques with ransomware to cause massive financial loss
  • Insights into global ‘breakout time’ metrics and achieving the “1-10’60” rule to defeat the adversary and prevent a mega breach
  • Hear about the most favoured TTPs observed over the last 12 months to predict what you should expect to see in 2019

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