TRAINING COURSE 1Monday 30 & 31 May 2019: Focus Rooms, Sunninghill

TRAINING COURSE 1 - Incident Response Bootcamp

Edwin Mpofu & Nithen Naidoo, CEO & Co-Founder, Snode

Your organisation’s cyber security fitness can only be tested through real-life experience. No other cyber training or simulation programme can evaluate and improve your capability to manage concurrent threats in the way the CYBERGYM solution can. During this two-day training course, you will experience CYBERGYM’s unique emulation facility covering IT, OT, IOT and a global network of knowledge and training technologies. You will also experience CYBERGYM’s continuously updated attack database, powered by an international team of battle-hardened cyber security experts and intelligence veterans. The training is zero risk, as you will be learning in an always-offline, damage-proof environment. By sharpening and maintaining your organisation’s cyber skills, CYBERGYM will ensure you can identify, contain and mitigate advanced, concurrent cyber threats.

By attending this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Identify cyber incidents using indicators provided by the SIEM and security systems;
  • Analyse the incident with various security and investigation tools;
  • Contain cyber incidents in real-time to minimise the potential damage;
  • Decide which recovery steps should be taken in order to restore normal operation in the organisation; and
  • Understand the hacker point of view through real-live cyber attacks.

Who should attend?

  • IT personnel;
  • Information security personnel;
  • SOC analysts; and
  • Incident Response teams.

What to bring/experience required:

  • Deep understanding of data communication.
  • Good knowledge of security and SIEM systems.

Agenda (Days 1 & 2):

Training starts
Morning refreshments
Afternoon refreshments
Training finishes

Sessions (Days 1 & 2):

  • Session 1: Training kickoff
  • Session 2: Hacker point of view
  • Session 3: The first responder
  • Session 4: Sysinternals overview
  • Session 5: Lockheed Martin
  • Session 6: Basic Forensics ‐ Darkcomet
  • Session 7: Basic Forensics ‐ NJRAT
  • Session 8: Training Summary
  • Session 1: Arena introduction
  • Session 2: Shamoon Pt 1
  • Session 3: Shamoon Pt 2
  • Session 4: Shamoon Pt 3
  • Session 5: Shamoon Pt 4
  • Session 6: Workshop Summary Session

Registration fees

Incident Response – 30 & 31 May
R17 000 (excl VAT)

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