Dimitris Vergos

sales engineering director for emerging markets, Splunk

Dimitris Vergos is the Sales Engineering Director for Emerging Markets at Splunk. He is responsible for consulting his customers to gain better insights into how to secure their infrastructure from both internal and external threats. Dimitris always follows a consultative approach with his customers and partners to educate and help them in increasing their security and infrastructure posture. Before joining Splunk in 2014, Dimitris was employed by a variety of international system integrators in roles such as Cyber Security Analyst, Integrator, Architect and Consultant with the consistent and ultimate goal of helping his customers secure themselves against the ever increasing threats and attacks and gain more visibility within their organization. He was often called upon to publicly represent the organisations at industry events hosted around the world. Dimitris has been working with Splunk on key strategic security, IT and Big Data projects for the past 5 years across emerging markets.

Dimitris Vergos will be speaking on the following topic:

Make your SOC work smarter, not harder

The volume and complexities of today’s security incidents can tax even the largest security teams. This leaves big gaps in incident detection and response workflows that can put organisations at great risk. Your team can’t scale to manually catch and address every incident, so which ones should you focus on and which ones should you ignore? You shouldn’t be forced to make a choice. In this session, find out how to deliver security analytics, machine learning and automation capabilities to increase the efficiency of security teams and reduce the enterprise’s exposure to risk. Learn how to achieve big results from intelligently streamlined incident detection and response workflows—accelerating your actions, scaling your resources and optimizing your security operations.

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