Itumeleng Makgati


Itumeleng Makgati will be speaking on the following topic:

Case Study A board conversation on cyber security risk management

For years, cyber security was an issue that boards of directors took for granted; we are in a different position today, as it has become a business problem of the highest level, featuring frequently on the board’s agenda. Communications between the board and CISO have taken on added importance. Cyber security is no longer a matter of spending on defence for IT. It has become clear that the stakes are even higher than that: cyber security is the bedrock of tomorrow’s digital business. Whether you are “low, medium or high” on compliance scores does not tell you and the board enough about the risk to the business. In this presentation, Itumeleng Makgati will discuss how the CISO can help the board and management team “get on the same side of the table” when it comes to cyber security.

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