Kamel Tamimi

principal security consultant, Cofense

Kamel Tamimi is a principal security consultant with over 17 years of experience working with businesses across all verticals in the META region, including banking and financial services, government, telecommunications, health and oil and gas. Certified in ECIH, CISM and many more, his expertise and knowledge across information security governance, security risk assessment, APT, cyber threat intelligence and security architecture has allowed him to help META’s largest organisations implement world-class cyber defence strategies and processes to protect against a wide range of threat actors. He is a firm believer in human-centric phishing with a defence-in-depth cyber security approach and advocates empowering human intelligence with a life skill they can apply anywhere.

Kamel Tamimi will be speaking on the following topic:

The art of polymorphic phishing attacks – are you ready to respond?

As businesses adjust to having their employees work from home, they are also working hard to support it. However, new working conditions have opened up new security gaps that challenge the status quo and question the business’s resiliency to defend against polymorphic phishing attacks. The changing face of phishing e-mails continuing to evade secure e-mail gateways (SEGs) has threat actors adapting their tactics to exploit businesses that are unprepared. Are you ready to accelerate your security practice to respond to these types of attacks? Join Cofense for an in-depth review of the current phishing threat landscape, as seen through the eyes of those on the frontline – your end-users.

Key takeaway points will include:

  • Insights into the porous nature of SEGs and the latest tactics and techniques delivering credential phishing and malware today.
  • How to identify and defend against persistent and stealthy polymorphic phishing e-mails.
  • Strategies and tools to adopt that will strengthen your security practices.

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