Martin Potgieter

co-founder and technical director, Nclose

Martin Potgieter’s passion for cyber security started in 1999 when he installed Snort on OpenBSD for the first time and logged over 50 000 attacks after monitoring an Internet connection for just one weekend. Since then he has gradually become more involved in the cyber security industry. This passion has allowed him to naturally identify risks and weakness within systems. After co-founding Nclose in 2006, he gained further experience and a keen interest in building and running a business from the ground up and gained experience in both offensive and defensive methodologies, although he has naturally leaned towards defence. He currently uses his aptitude of creating “things” to build and improve Nview, Nclose’s MDR solution. Potgieter thrives while innovating the Nclose MDR solution, using open source technologies, designing defence systems and improving response efficiency. Together with the amazing team they have assembled at Nclose, they are able to reach their goal of helping defend their clients from cyber security threats.

Martin Potgieter will be speaking on the following topic:

Office 365 Security Controls – Nclose Microsoft Cloud Security Managed Service

Microsoft offers many tools to help you secure your Office 365 environment. The Nclose Microsoft Cloud Security managed service helps clients make use of these constantly evolving toolsets, so our clients can focus on the cloud migration strategy and know that the security there is managed. In this demo, we will walk through our approach to helping our clients make use of these tools, point to some commonly overlooked security controls, and lastly, demonstrate why a managed service for cloud security is important.

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