Paul Grapendaal

head of Managed Security Services, NClose

Paul Grapendaal has worked in the IT industry since 1996. During his career, he has been able to grow within the business from a security engineer. He has spent time as an architect and consultant and is currently fulfilling the function of head of Managed Services at NClose. His passion and experience in the security arena make him a valuable asset in addressing clients and helps to ensure value. He constantly evolves NClose’s service offerings to cater for the ever-changing security market. During his time as an engineer and consultant, he spent a significant period designing, deploying and managing the following technologies: Check Point, Cisco, BlueCoat and RSA. He is fluent in the understanding of all network security technologies, including: SIEM, firewalls, IPS, DLP, two-factor authentication, proxy servers and mail content gateways. His current role enables him to create and innovate within the managed security services arena

Paul Grapendaal will be speaking on the following topic:

Leveraging your existing technology investments to improve your security and reduce your risk

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