Prof Elmarie Biermann

director, Cyber Security Institute

Prof Elmarie Biermann is the director and founder of the Cyber Security Institute that provides services and training within the cyber security domain. Completing a BSc, BSc Hons (cum laude) and an MSc at the North West University led to her obtaining a PhD in Computer Security at the University of South Africa. She boasts experience in both the academic and private sectors and has an extensive list of research and technical publications on international forums. She is an acknowledged speaker and keynote at conferences, seminars and workshops and is regularly invited as a specialist panellist on cyber crime, cyber warfare and cyber intelligence. She currently holds an adjunct professorship at the French South African Institute of Technology in Cape Town, to assist in growing security as a research field in the nano-satellite environment, as well as an extraordinary associate professorship in the Department of Military Strategy, Faculty of Military Sciences at the University of Stellenbosch.

Prof Elmarie Biermann will be speaking on the following topics:

Panel Discussion How do you create a culture shift towards embracing security in your organisation?

Panel Discussion Fireside chat: Addressing the security skills shortage in SA ¬ the trend towards promoting security education and upskilling internally

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