Raymond du Plessis

senior managing consultant, Mobius Consulting

Raymond du Plessis is a Senior Managing Consultant at Mobius Consulting with a broad range of experience in Information Security and Cybersecurity management. He has 16 years of experience that spans Information Security Management, Information Risk Management, Information Security Operations and Compliance Assessments. Raymond draws on his broad experience to provide a pragmatic approach in addressing cybersecurity requirements and has assisted many organisations in assessing, developing and implementing improvement programmes.

Raymond’s certifications include CISSP, CISA, CISM, CRISC and CSX

Raymond du Plessis will be speaking on the following topic:

Cybersecurity incident response – development, adoption, simulation

In this talk Angela Henry and Raymond du Plessis will present on developing an effective incident management process. Worldwide cyberattacks are exponentially on the rise and many organisations are not ready to respond to an attack. Angela and Raymond will present on the steps you can follow to improve your organisations readiness to respond to a major cybersecurity incident. The talk will focus on the fact that a cybersecurity incident is not only an Information Security issue, it is an organisational-wide issue that requires the involvement of various business functions across the organisation to effectively deal with a cybersecurity incident. The talk will also include tips on developing and adopting a practical process that is applicable to your organisation, and lessons learnt from running simulation exercises.

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