Roland Daccache

team leader – sales engineering META, Crowdstrike

Roland Daccache is a cyber security expert with over 12 years in the field. Currently the sales engineering team leader at CrowdStrike META, Daccache is a team builder of cyber security experts and has run multiple large-scale projects, including two major security operations centres in the GCC. Daccache is an expert in digital forensics, threat hunting and incident response, with expertise in solution architecture, EDR, NGFW, NGIPS, SIEM and threat intelligence. He regularly delivers keynotes and publishes articles in the regional cyber security e-outlets.

Roland Daccache will be speaking on the following topic:

Keynote Stopping ‘living off the land’ attackers in their tracks

According to the latest CrowdStrike threat report, more than 50% of modern attacks are file-less and leverage existing tools and legitimate software on the endpoint to easily fly under the radar of the traditional security stack, such as the anti-virus, the firewall or the sandbox. With threat actors getting increasingly potent and sophisticated, Daccache will cover the kill chain of the modern cyber attack, and how to stop it in its tracks at each stage of the life cycle. Join the session to learn more about modernising your defence arsenal and properly leveraging endpoint detection and response technology so you stack the deck in your favour against your cyber adversaries.

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