Steve Jump

founder & director, Custodiet Advisory Services

Steve Jump has an unashamedly technical background, being both an engineering graduate and a chartered engineer, but he uses it to translate complex technology into serious business. He consults in the area of information security governance and information security risk, where he expresses support, sympathy, incredulity and, fortunately, frequent flashes of inspiration at the state of information security risk management in business today.

With over 20 years of practical and strategic information and cyber security experience, Jump provides applied cyber security risk governance coaching, mentoring and guidance at an exco, board and ISO level to ensure that non-technical and technical directors alike are able to understand that information security risk is about business success more than technology, and how this understanding adds significantly more value to a business as an enabler than a fear-based approach.

Jump is conversant in the translation of new technologies, new regulatory requirements and new business models into the means to improve governance, reduce costs and measurably reduce information security risk to businesses and their customers. He is always willing to share his experience in defining risk-mitigating security architectures and in building the teams to identify, design, analyse, operate and manage information security.

Jump provides both coaching and mentorship at all levels, from CIOs forming a security team to post-graduate specialists joining that team. He frequently talks around security governance and has presented both simple and complex papers and keynotes around cyber security and risk management topics internationally.

Steve Jump will be speaking on the following topics:

Carpe diem – Seizing the security advantage! How to benefit from the ongoing transformation of security’s role in the workplace

f you overhear someone talking about how they plan to address digitisation in their business, or they show you their plan for when 4IR happens, don’t laugh until you have thought about your own plans. The reality today is that if your business is not online, it is in trouble. If your customers cannot buy from you 24x7, they are already buying from your competitors.

The old way of thinking was to build your IT to support your business needs. The same applied to Web sites and databases to collect and mine your customers’ data. In this old world, security was often (always?) an afterthought, and probably included adding a password. But in today’s business environment, if you do plan on staying in business long enough to see what tomorrow actually looks like, you will have considered how the role of information security has made your business more agile, helped you prevent cyber-related outages and kept fraudsters away from both your own data, and from your customers’ data.

You haven’t? Then you really need to hear this. Security is not an add-on, it is a foundation for safe business, ensuring your new ideas can be published and accessed instantly, without concern; ensuring your customers can not only see that you are trustworthy, but you can prove it; making sure that your data stays your data, that your products stay yours until sold, and that your customer data remains just that – the data of your customers. And here is the part that your competitors do not want you to hear – the way you invest in security influences every other aspect of any technology you use, and it makes it better and cheaper to run.

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