Susi du Preez

InfoSec engineer, Impact IT & Risk Services

Susi du Preez has been in the IT industry for over 17 years which includes the last 7 years in security and particularly InfoSec. She is well known for a keen interest and passion in social engineering and governance in the international InfoSec community. She holds an Information Security certification with IBM and actively works in the international Infosec community as an Independent Security Professional.

Susi has a certification in Information security management (EISM) from EC-Council University.

Susi du Preez will be speaking on the following topic:

Comparing the pros and cons of data protection and privacy legislation and the need for a global response

Privacy law refers to the laws that deal with the regulation, storing, and using of personally identifiable information of individuals, which can be collected by governments, public or private organisations, or other individuals. This presentation will explore why a global effort is important to make our privacy and data safe and why a silo approach is not the answer internationally. Susi will explain what the major countries have in place regarding privacy acts (e.g. GDPR, POPIA) and how they compare. She will also discuss the African continent and how we as a global community can make our privacy and data safe again.

  • Why a privacy act?
  • Why a global effort?
  • How do privacy acts compare with each other internationally?
  • Where are African countries with privacy acts?
  • Revealing a comparison study between privacy acts, which highlights the strictest act yet (released in January 2020)

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