Yassin Watlal

system engineering manager, CrowdStrike

Yassin Watlal is an influential and highly motivated cyber security leader, with 16 years of professional experience in cyber security. During this time, he has served as a consulting system engineer and system engineering manager for various security organisations, including FireEye, McAfee, Websense and Attivo Networks. His areas of expertise cover endpoint security, network security, information security policy, incident response and malware analysis. In his current role as system engineering manager at CrowdStrike, Watlal works as a trusted advisor for organisations in the META region, assisting them to lower and manage cyber security risk. 

Yassin Watlal will be speaking on the following topics:

Adapting effective cyber security strategies in today’s age of radical digital transformation

As organisations pivot to the cloud, and remote work moves from a novelty to the new reality, digital transformation is occurring more rapidly than ever. This presentation will focus on how to remain nimble and secure in this era of continuous change. In this session, we will address these crucial topics:

  • What is digital transformation and what is its effect on cyber security in organisations?
  • Why is it critical for organisations of all sizes to have a cyber security strategy that adapts rapidly?
  • What strategy, products and services can help reduce the risk of a breach as companies pivot to the cloud and embrace remote work?
  • What trends and challenges are on the horizon that will drive the next wave of change?

Ensuring business continuity by securing your remote workforce

The traditional on-premises security perimeter has dissolved and legacy security stacks are unable to secure a remote workforce and cloud-hosted applications. Today, the Internet is the new corporate network. How are you making sure that IT administrators have the proper visibility into user activity and can minimise attack surfaces in this cloud-first world? How do you provide users with an optimal experience without the struggle of a traditional VPN approach? How do you scale your security services and detect advanced threats more effectively?

Join Yassin Watlal, manager of System Engineering META, as he offers insights into how CrowdStrike Falcon Host Platform has addressed these issues and helps companies transform their security stacks.

In this session, you will learn:

    • How the Falcon Host Platform is able to respond to incidents from anywhere and at any time;
    • How the team gains visibility into endpoints and is able to contain systems outside the corporate network; and
    • How you can recover your environment from advanced threats and attacks and establish a maximised security posture.

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