Keynotes Cape Town

Charl van der Walt

Chief strategy officer, SecureData SensePost

Ljupcho Joshevski

Head of Cybersecurity Systems Engineering, EMEAR, Cisco

Pete Herzog

Managing Director, The Institute for Security and Open Methodologies (ISECOM) (Spain)

Pukhraj Singh

Security Operations & Threat Intelligence Practitioner/Writer (India)

Speaker details:

Charl van der Walt, Chief strategy officer, SecureData SensePost

Charl van der Walt is the original founder of SensePost - a pen testing company in South Africa and in the UK - where he still sits on the board. He has acted in various roles there, including CEO for about five years. After they sold SensePost to SecureData, he took a diverse role within the group that includes leading its research unit, directing security strategy and leading the "Security Intelligence Unit," which (amongst other things) runs a significant Managed SIEM and Threat Hunting (MDR) Operation. He has spoken on a variety of occasions over the duration of his career, including Black Hat, HITB, Defcon, NATA CCDCOE, BSides and 44Con.

Ljupcho Joshevski, Head of Cybersecurity Systems Engineering, EMEAR, Cisco

Ljupcho Joshevski is the Head for Cybersecurity Architectures at Cisco Systems with over 18 years' experience in the IT industry. He manages a highly talented and specialized group of cybersecurity consulting systems engineers covering Cisco Systems' Middle East and Africa theatre. Ljupcho and his team are responsible for addressing the most complex security challenges customers face in today's dynamic cybersecurity world using Cisco's latest innovations and leadership in security.

In his most recent roles, Ljupcho was based in Vienna, Austria and led the cybersecurity teams for Central Europe, Germany and RCIS. Prior to that he was based in Canada and led the team of systems engineers focusing on Canada's energy vertical while he also led the IoT/IoE technical leadership for Canada. Ljupcho joined Cisco Systems in 2006 as a Regional Systems Engineer covering service providers, enterprise and public-sector customers in South Eastern Europe. Prior to Cisco Systems, Ljupcho spent 4 years in Cosmofon, CosmOTE's Mobile Service Provider in Macedonia. He holds a Master's degree in Business Administration and Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Information Technology from the University of Central Oklahoma.

Pete Herzog, Managing Director, The Institute for Security and Open Methodologies (ISECOM) (Spain)

Pete Herzog is the co-founder and on the Board of Directors of ISECOM, researching and creating new solutions to complex security problems. As Managing Director of this non-profit research organisation, he manages the research of all projects including the two most recognized: OSSTMM and Hacker Highschool. He manages communications and sharing with the ISECOM community of over 10,000 participants, making interviews, articles and overseeing content for all ISECOM's public and private interactions. He created and now oversees maintenance of the ISECOM certifications for security testing and analysis, trust analysis and professional hacking. He also leads ISECOM's consulting and analysis engagements for private research initiatives and is a frequent trainer and presenter at security conferences and internal seminars for corporations.

Pukhraj Singh, Security Operations & Threat Intelligence Practitioner/Writer (India)

Pukhraj Singh is a cyber intelligence analyst with 14 years of experience. He played an instrumental role in the setting up of the cyber defence operations centre of the Indian government. Pukhraj was laterally inducted into the government from the private sector after the 26/11 terror attacks. It was a multi-disciplinary tenure ranging from geopolitical doctrine formulation – eventually approved by the prime minister – to the very brass-tacks of cyber operations. Later, he spent some time at Aadhaar, India's flagship biometric ID project as its first cybersecurity manager. Pukhraj also had very brief stints in the private sector, working with Symantec's DeepSight – industry's first threat intelligence team – and innovative American, Canadian, and Israeli firms. He has spoken at a variety of national security fora and hacking conferences. Pukhraj's writings have appeared in leading Indian journals and newspapers.

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