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Pukhraj Singh, Security Operations and Threat Intelligence Practitioner/Writer

Pukhraj Singh

Security Operations & Threat Intelligence Practitioner/Writer (India)

Pukhraj Singh is a cyber intelligence analyst with 14 years of experience. He played an instrumental role in the setting up of the cyber defence operations centre of the Indian government. Pukhraj was laterally inducted into the government from the private sector after the 26/11 terror attacks. It was a multi-disciplinary tenure ranging from geopolitical doctrine formulation – eventually approved by the prime minister – to the very brass-tacks of cyber operations. Later, he spent some time at Aadhaar, India's flagship biometric ID project as its first cybersecurity manager. Pukhraj also had very brief stints in the private sector, working with Symantec's DeepSight – industry's first threat intelligence team – and innovative American, Canadian, and Israeli firms. He has spoken at a variety of national security fora and hacking conferences. Pukhraj's writings have appeared in leading Indian journals and newspapers.

Pukhraj Singh will be speaking on the following topic:

International Keynote Address: Politics and power in cybersecurity: how cyber operations are intimately linked with geo-strategy
  • Examining the collapsing precepts of nation-state sovereignty in cyberspace
  • A 'contested territory': 20 years of anxiety around the paradox of control in cyberspace
  • Understanding the structural dominance of offence: why offensive A-teams have a political architecture
  • Examining offensive mathematics and political lineage: exploitation as a technology tree
  • On opcodes and ontology
    Analysing the gradual shift from declaratory to escalatory dominance

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