WORKSHOP 1Friday 24 May 2019 - Southern Sun Cape Sun, Cape Town

From the Boardroom to the War Room – managing a successful business-aligned cybersecurity programme

Craig Rosewarne, Managing director, Wolfpack Information Risk

Craig Rosewarne, managing director, Wolfpack Information Risk

The probability and impact of cyber-attacks was rated as the top man-influenced risk facing countries and organisations in the recent 2018 World Economic Forum Global Risks Landscape report. If cybersecurity has become a top risk facing organisations then why does it not receive the appropriate level of support from senior management, IT and users of a company? Based on the experience gleaned from overseeing 45+ cybersecurity projects and engagements with senior management teams, Craig believes a number of common themes stand out:

  • Senior management's business priorities, concerns and projects are rarely incorporated into the organisation's security strategy and programme
  • Proper buy-in and engagement from other support functions such as IT, HR, Marketing and Facilities Management are not incorporated
  • Awareness campaigns lack the impact and momentum to ensure that users REALLY understand the risks and take an active part in protecting the organisation
  • Incident response teams are not properly equipped or trained to effectively deal with incidents

If you are involved in Security, IT, Risk, Audit or executive management and want a better understanding of the complex and exciting world of cybersecurity then this workshop is for you. Craig will share valuable lessons learnt working with companies of all sizes across different sectors. This is a pragmatic and engaging workshop that offers real-world tried and tested insights, demonstrations and case studies - twist his arm and he may even share valuable tools or methodologies.

By attending this workshop you will gain:

  • Information on how to align your cybersecurity programme with your business' overall security strategy
  • Practical advice on how to construct an effective user awareness campaign
  • An understanding of how to gain buy-in from senior management across the organisation for your cybersecurity strategy
  • The skills to properly train your incident response team

Who should attend:

  • Directors, Heads and Managers of IT Security, Cybersecurity, Risk Management, Compliance, IT Audit
  • Senior executives who want a better understanding of cybersecurity and how to incorporate it into their business strategy

What to bring:

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