WORKSHOP 3Friday 24 May 2019 - Southern Sun Cape Sun, Cape Town

Cisco Threat Response Clinic: Leveraging the network for end-to-end security

Greg Griessel, consulting systems engineer &

Paul Beyleveld, consulting systems engineer, Cisco Security Sales

Paul Beyleveld, consulting systems engineer, Cisco

In the real world, it's no longer a matter of if an attacker will get in, but when. Security professionals need to evolve their strategy from a point-in-time approach to pervasive protection across the full attack continuum – before, during and after an attack. Network professionals need to understand how their network infrastructure can be used as a sensor and enforcer to help improve network security and prevent data breaches.
In this workshop, security and network professionals will experience a day in the life of a malware attack and how to respond to it. It will also cover steps you can take before a breach to minimise attacks. In this session, you will:

  • Explore Cisco's threat-centric approach to security that provides unmatched visibility, consistent control, and advanced threat protection;
  • Experience live policy and attack responses that illustrate solutions to real-world problems; and
  • View a live demonstration on Cisco Firepower Threat Defence, Cisco Advanced Malware Prevention and StealthWatch tools that enable you to identify, diagnose and respond to threats quickly and accurately.

By attending this workshop you will gain:

  • An understanding of how an attacker thinks and how this approach will assist you to improve your network security
  • The knowledge of which tools to use to respond quickly and effectively in the case of an attack
  • Information and advice on how to prevent a breach happening in the first place

Who should attend:

  • The Cisco Cyber Threat Response (CTR) Clinic is designed for the average engineer. This course is primarily targeted to engineers, analysts and managers of security operations and network infrastructure. Customers with a basic understanding of networking will be able to follow the workshop.

What to bring:

  • No additional items required


Registration and lunch
Refreshments and networking
Close of workshop; lunch and networking
  • Scenario 1: – overview
  • Scenario 2: Target Reconnaissance: gathering information about vulnerabilities for a future attack
  • Scenario 3: Smash and Grab: attacking your public network services through the front door
  • Scenario 4: The Ransomware Scenario
  • Scenario 5: Insider Threats: moving within to obtain and export your data
  • Scenario 6: Compromised Hosts: controlling access and monitoring for malicious threats
  • Scenario 7: Cyber threat response challenge

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