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Business Resilience report back:
Improving organisational resilience
Mistakes CEOs shouldn't make in a crisis
SA liable to cyber risks
Leadership - a business continuity risk
In-house BCM curtails costs

Bradley Smith Improving organisational resilience

By Kirsten Doyle, ITWeb contributor.
Johannesburg, 19 Aug 2014

Everybody is concerned about being more resilient. We all see it as something we want to be personally; but what it precisely means hasn't been defined.

So said Lyndon Bird, technical director of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), speaking at the ITWeb Business Resilience 2014 event at Montecasino this morning.

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Bradley Smith Mistakes CEOs shouldn't make in a crisis

By Kirsten Doyle, ITWeb contributor.
Johannesburg, 19 Aug 2014

"Resilience is ‘bouncebackability'. When you look at what resilience is, it's about how you face an incident and how you bounce back from it."

This is according to Alan Hilburg, of Hilburg Associates, during his keynote address at the ITWeb Business Resilience 2014 event at Montecasino this morning, speaking about the four elements of business resilience.

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SA liable to cyber risks

By Regina Pazvakavambwa, ITWeb portals journalist.
Johannesburg, 20 Aug 2014

Technology has disrupted the way business is conducted – creating sophisticated opportunities for crime.

So said Jeremy Capell, senior manager for risk advisory at Deloitte, while presenting at the ITWeb Business Resilience 2014 Summit at Montecasino in Johannesburg, yesterday.

According to Capell, cyber security risk is one of the top concerns for CEOs and SA has the third-highest number of cyber crime victims, after Russia and China.

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Leadership - a business continuity risk

By Regina Pazvakavambwa, ITWeb portals journalist.
Johannesburg, 20 Aug 2014

Top management should demonstrate leadership and commitment with respect to business continuity management (BCM) by ensuring that policies and objectives are established and that they are compatible with the strategic direction of the organisation.

So said Brian Henry, CEO at Caridon Business Solutions, speaking at the ITWeb Business Resilience 2014 event yesterday at Montecasino.

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In-house BCM curtails costs

By Regina Pazvakavambwa, ITWeb portals journalist.
Johannesburg, 20 Aug 2014

Business continuity management (BCM) has moved from being an IT problem to a business requirement and, as such, an organisations needs to make decisions on the best way to implement it.

This is according to Chantel Coetzer, group business continuity manager at Investec, when presenting at ITWeb Business Resilience 2014 Summit at Montecasino yesterday.

Organisations that have a business continuity capability are far more likely to be more resilient in time of a crisis or major incident than those that don't, Coetzer warned.

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Getting BCM right in SA
Johannesburg, 13 Aug 2014
Local case studies taking a detailed look at key business continuity management (BCM) success factors will feature on the agenda at this year's business resilience conference, which takes place in Johannesburg later this month.
Crisis communication: the cost of being wrong
Johannesburg, 6 Aug 2014
Internationally recognised crisis communications expert Alan Hilburg will be in Johannesburg this month addressing delegates at ITWeb Business Resilience 2014.
Skills shortages drive BCM outsourcing
Johannesburg, 1 Aug 2014
"A lack of in-house skills sees local companies looking to suppliers to address their business continuity and disaster recovery requirements."
Be prepared for BCM
Johannesburg, 29 Jul 2014
"Make sure you properly understand how the business actually works."
Cybercrime a huge BCM threat
Johannesburg, 24 Jul 2014
Although SA ranks third-highest on the list of cybercrime victims (after Russia and China), local companies are not adequately committed to improving their cyber security.
Big changes expected in BCM
Johannesburg, 16 Jul 2014
Over a third of business continuity professionals expect to see major changes in the way their companies manage business continuity in 2014.
This is according to research results released following an online survey performed by Continuity Central in the last quarter of 2103.
BCM moves to organisational resilience
Johannesburg, 30 Jun 2014
Although the term "resiliency" is widely used in setting corporate goals, it is rarely defined in a way in which it can be meaningfully assessed.
Summit to address business resilience 'pain'
Johannesburg, 18 Jun 2014
In an uncertain time defined by rapid change, the word 'resilience' has taken on new meaning. It's no longer about simply fending off the occasional mishap – the ability to quickly adapt, recover and return reinvigorated is now a constant requirement in the business world.

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Discover if your compliance planning is in line with industry standards and regulations, and government regulations; and
Learn what constitutes an effective crisis management plan of action.


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