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SPEAKER - Alan Hilburg

Alan Hilburg, president and CEO, HilburgAssociates

Alan Hilburg, president and CEO of HilburgAssociates, has been called the world's foremost expert in crisis communications. For nearly 30 years, Hilburg has been one of the most sought-after strategic counsellors in some of the most complex, high-visibility, high-risk crises and ‘impossible’ situations.

He is known worldwide as the pioneer for mapping, navigating and guiding brands and high-profile individuals through the trauma of crisis and litigation transitions. Hilburg was recognised as the "Red Adair of corporate crisis management" by the New York Times. The Los Angeles Times said: "Hilburg is the first call a CEO in trouble should make", and he was acknowledged by the Wall Street Journal as "one of the earliest practitioners aligning business continuity with reputation management".

He led the Johnson & Johnson team in the textbook management of the Tylenol crisis. Tylenol is the number one crisis management case history studied worldwide. He has advised national presidents, university chancellors, members of Congress and many other high-profile individuals who found their reputations being threatened. Hilburg has successfully represented clients in 107 trials, including Love Canal, Exxon Valdez and Enron.

His clients also include the financial service sector, where he has worked with leadership at JPMorganChase, Deustche Bank, Bank of Japan, Bank of England, Bank of America, Wachovia, Banco Popular, Bank of Argentina and a number of regional institutions. Hilburg was the longest retained consultant to the tobacco industry and has strong credentials in the technology sector (Micron, HP, IBM); hospitality sector (Four Season Hotels, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, cruise lines); government sector (US Air Force, US Army, Department of Homeland Security); energy sector (Occidental, Dow, Shell, Lyondell); mining sector (Barrick Gold); and the pharmaceutical sector (Merck, Pfizer, PHARMA).

Hilburg is a well-published writer. He has co-authored two New York Times bestsellers on leadership, including: Russell Rules... Eleven Lessons on Leadership from the Greatest Winner of the Twentieth Century and WF Rockwell Jr's bestseller: Twelve Hats of a Corporate President. His op-ed pieces have appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and Financial Times.

In collaboration with Fortune magazine, Hilburg created the Business Hall of Fame and co-developed the America’s Most Admired Companies programme.

As a filmmaker, he has received an Academy Award nomination for the world's first environmental feature and second-ever IMAX movie: “Living Planet". He has also won more than a dozen awards and three Emmy nominations for his HBO sports special, “My Life, My Way” and his PBS Special, “New Sweden”. Hilburg has won a record six Silver Anvils for global leadership in communications.

Hilburg is on the faculty at the University of California and George Mason University, where he teaches leadership, risk communications and emotional branding. He has a full-time office in Johannesburg.

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