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Report back from the ITWeb Cloud Computing Summit 2014

Digital disruption demands spending
Cloud ushers in fundamental tech shifts
Leveraging cloud with '3-2-1' backup
SA CIOs unsatisfied with cloud providers

Theo BenschTheo Bensch
Digital disruption demands spending

Enterprises will need to spend $70 billion in 2015 to compete with emerging digital organisations.

Enterprises around the world are preparing to enter the digital age, with over $30 trillion in market capitalisation across eight key verticals ready for disruption.

So said Theo Bensch, managing executive: Telkom Cybernest sales and marketing, while addressing delegates at the ITWeb Cloud Computing 2014 Summit yesterday. Bensch was speaking in reference to a recent report by advisory firm Zinnov.

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Jonathan Kropf Jonathan Kropf
Cloud ushers in fundamental tech shifts

The fundamental shifts in technology are often best hosted in a cloud service, says Cloud On Demand.

The technology environment we knew has changed and it's still changing, thanks to the power of cloud computing.
That was the word from Cloud On Demand CEO Jonathan Kropf, speaking yesterday at the ITWeb Cloud Computing 2014 Summit.

"In the 90s, it was about PCs. Now, many job functions can be done off a tablet," said Kropf. "BI [business intelligence] was about pulling data out of transactional systems and presenting it to users to answer their queries. Now big data is about pulling information from everywhere and answering questions we haven't yet asked."

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Warren Olivier Warren Olivier
Leveraging cloud with '3-2-1' backup

Organisations must have three separately-stored copies of their data, suggests Veeam.

If organisations are to safeguard their data in the cloud, they need to embrace the '3-2-1' backup rule of data management.
So said Warren Olivier, regional manager for southern Africa at Veeam Software, addressing attendees at the ITWeb Cloud Computing 2014 Summit in Bryanston, yesterday.

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SA CIOs unsatisfied with cloud providers

Terry White Terry White
South African chief information officers (CIOs) do not rank local cloud service providers highly.
This emerged during the ITWeb Cloud Computing Summit held this morning at the Forum in Bryanston.

Presenting the findings of the CIO Cloud Perception Survey 2014, conducted by TA Consulting in association with ITWeb, Terry White, research director at TA Consulting, said the majority of local CIOs, on average, rate cloud service providers at 3.5 out of 10.

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CIOs need to evolve
Johannesburg, 29 Aug 2014
Cloud is real and here to stay. CIOs can choose to be part of the enablement or not.
So says Cloud On Demand CEO, Jonathan Kropf, adding: "In today's world, we are an instant gratification society. If a CIO doesn't help business to get a technology solution quickly, they will bypass IT and just get it themselves. A good CIO should be the link between the technology systems and the business requirements."
Cloud service providers underwhelm CIOs
Johannesburg, 22 Aug 2014
On a scale of one to 10, CIOs rate South African cloud service providers at a dismal 3.9.
This is one of the preliminary findings from the CIO Cloud Perception Survey 2014, being conducted by TA Consulting in association with ITWeb. The full results will be released at the ITWeb Cloud Computing 2014 conference, to be held in Johannesburg in September.
Translating consumer insights into BI
Johannesburg, 19 Aug 2014
The complexity of issues faced by business leaders today is immense, says Vusi Thembekwayo, keynote speaker at the upcoming ITWeb Cloud Computing 2014 event.
Driving business agility via cloud
Johannesburg, 7 Aug 2014
A successful shift to cloud computing involves, among other considerations, identifying the current business and IT issues that need to be addressed, understanding the risks and making the right infrastructure decisions for the business.
Cloud adoption challenges under spotlight
Johannesburg, 25 Jul 2014
Despite the challenges of embarking on the journey to the cloud, most companies continue to persist on its adoption.
Sharp divide in local approach to cloud
Johannesburg, 27 Jun 2014
Many organisations are paying an 'opportunity cost' by overestimating the risk inherent in certain forms of cloud computing, while an equal number are taking unrecognised and inappropriately high levels of risk by placing sensitive data in cloud services that are not designed for it.
Answering cloud questions
20 Jun 2014
Most organisations are partway through a cloud evolution, and the benefits are no longer in question.




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Telkom predicts cloud market consolidation
Johannesburg, 12 Sep 2014
Telkom predicts significant consolidation in the cloud computing service provider market in future.
"There will likely still be a few niche cloud service providers, too small to be noticed for acquisition, and focused on the SME market. The rest will abandon their own offers and rather white-label larger cloud service providers' solutions," says Vaughn Naidoo, head of product portfolio, architecture and innovation at Telkom Business.
Caution is key in the cloud
Johannesburg, 3 Sep 2014
Don't take your problems with you to the cloud, warns Warren Olivier, regional manager: Southern Africa at Veeam Software.
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