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Organisations that fail to increase their leadership skills to deal with change are bound to fail, says ThoughtWorks' Helen Macqueen.

Agility demands adaptive leadership styles

To solve modern day business problems, leaders need a new way of looking at business management.

So said Helen Macqueen, principal consultant at ThoughtWorks, speaking at the ITWeb Software Development Management event at the Forum yesterday.

According to Macqueen, most organisations are dealing with market complexity, continuously evolving technology, ever-increasing customer demands, and protecting intellectual property.

In this agile environment, leadership behaviours and mindsets need to shift from a traditional way of leading to an adaptive leadership style.

She believes adaptive leaders are dynamic, agile leaders who are incredibly effective in any environment.

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Training is essential for a successful agile transformation, says DVT's Stephen de Villiers Graaff.

Successfully executing agile transformation

Agile transformation is full of challenges, and to be successful, organisations need to be thoughtful in their execution.

So said Stephen de Villiers Graaff, principal agile consultant at DVT, speaking at ITWeb Software Development Management 2015 at the Forum yesterday.

According to De Villiers Graaff, the success of agile transformation depends on how much preparation was done – whether the people involved are on the same page, speak the same language, and understand the value behind the mechanics.

He believes training is essential for successful transformation – businesses need people with the right type of training and skills.

De Villiers Graaff pointed out agile transformation is a team effort and cannot be done without help. Therefore, business should hire coaches who have deep knowledge and broad experience to draw from – and to bounce ideas off, he said.

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The journey to agility
By Candace Bosch,
Johannesburg, 4 Mar 2015

As with most things, complacency is a killer, says Stephen de Villiers Graaff, principal agile consultant at DVT. "I see many parallels between mountain climbing and agile adoption. The keys to success in both are bravery, preparation, dedication, passion and resolve. Without these, you are guaranteed failure."

Change demands adaptive leadership skills
By Candace Bosch,Johannesburg, 30 Jan 2015

The rate of change in today's world is increasing at a phenomenal rate. Organisations that fail to increase their leadership skills in order to deal with change constructively and proactively are dooming themselves to second-tier performance, or worse.

Beware corrosive impact of technical debtSean Hederman
Johannesburg, 19 Jan 2015

Small amounts of technical debt, when accumulated over years, will have a corrosive effect on computer systems, says Sean Hederman, director of Palantir.

Looking beyond Agile
Johannesburg, 12 Dec 2014

Biase De Gregorio The agenda for next year's ITWeb Software Development Management (SDM) Conference is packed with insightful presentations and local case studies from organisations that have achieved significant business benefits.

Software development under spotlight
Johannesburg, 1 Dec 2014

Charles Villanyi Bokor Many companies produce software for internal use − from quick fixes to global business solutions − but projects may struggle to achieve their goals due to people and project management issues.



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Driving sustainable competitiveness in SDM
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The pace of change in the technologies that support enterprises has not slowed down, and software developers must keep abreast.
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