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Emiel van Bockel, chairman of the BI Competence Forum

Emiel is an expert in strategic information management and business intelligence. People call him a visionary and thought leader in both the data world and the world of process, which is quite unique.

Emiel implemented one of the world’s first 'business intelligence as a service system', which received the Dutch Business Intelligence Public Award in 2007. Passionate about business analytics, he delivers a clear view on how to add value by using information for business, on a strategic and an operational level, encompassing best practices linked to case studies.

On occasion, he lectures at academies like the University Nyenrode, Business School of London, and Saxion International University. He is also a regular columnist for ICT Media TITM, a dutch IT magazine for executives.

He is chairman of the BI Competence Forum (, and the Dutch Oracle business intelligence portal (

Emiel is frequently asked to deliver keynotes at international seminars such as TDWI in Europe, Gartner's BI events, Oracle Open World in the UK and the Benelux User Group, a dutch information management event. He holds a Bachelor in Information Engineering and an a Master in Management and ICT.

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Meet the challenges of digital business - get ahead with business analytics
The world is undergoing rapid change. Companies wanting to thrive in the years ahead will need to rely heavily on business analytics - to provide the required insights and information on strategic, tactical and operational levels. Every organisation needs to think about the transition to digital business. Every leading company within the digital industry will have analytics incorporated in their services. No matter who your customers are, and where they are located, they are now your decision-makers, and keeping them will involve the efficient use of analytics. The key success factors for internal and external analytics are mobile usage, great visualisations and high performance. Emiel van Bockel will share his global insights on how to successfully implement the business analytics you need, against the context of various success stories from leading corporates.



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