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Meet the challenges of digital business - get ahead with business analytics
INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: Emiel van Bockel, chairman, BI Competence Forum
Emiel van Bockel
The world is undergoing rapid change. Companies wanting to thrive in the years ahead will need to rely heavily on business analytics – to provide the required insights and information on strategic, tactical and operational levels. Every organisation needs to think about the transition to digital business. Every leading company within the digital industry will have analytics incorporated in their services. No matter who your customers are, and where they are located, they are now your decision-makers, and keeping them will involve the efficient use of analytics. The key success factors for internal and external analytics are mobile usage, great visualisations and high performance. International business analytics expert Emiel van Bockel will share his global insights on how to successfully implement the business analytics you need, against the context of various success stories from leading corporates.

The art of intelligent war - using actionable insights to win business battles
INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: Corrine Sandler, founder and CEO, Fresh Intelligence Research Corp
Corrine Sandler
Corrine Sandler will show delegates how to:
Use actionable insights to acquire new customers, retain current customers and build advocacy
Apply predictive analytical tools to predict their customer's future needs and wants
Turn big data into opportunity data and grow their business revenues
Engage in a new relationship with Data that will drive profit
She will also share global case studies of businesses that used actionable insights to win new business.

FMCG: How BI delivers to the business at Tiger Brands
Darryl Thwaits, CIO, Tiger Brands
Darryl Thwaits
Tiger Brands Limited, a Top 40 JSE Limited company whose footprint extends across the African continent and beyond, is one of the largest manufacturers and marketers of FMCG products in Southern Africa, and has been for several decades. Darryl Thwaits will expand on how business intelligence has contributed to its success, by covering the following in an in-depth case study presentation:
The platform IT chose in response to requests from the business and why
The landscape IT delivered against the business scope
Benefits already delivered to business users
What is next on the horizon to deliver continued business value

FINANCIAL SERVICES: Insuring the future through the use of BI at Lion of Africa
Robert Boccia, CIO, Lion of Africa
JP Kloppers
Lion of Africa, a South African non-life insurance company, has been recognised by the Financial Intermediaries Association has as one of the top five corporate and commercial insurers providing services to the top 100 JSE-listed companies and local authorities . Robert Boccia will expand on how a maturity model was used to mature all the foundational pieces to get to the point where BI at the organisation became a reality. He’ll touch on why data quality is critical and show how data governance, data quality, and data stewardship was established. He’ll describe how and why the business was encouraged to adopt the use of dashboards, and talk about what the next step in the company’s BI journey is.

RETAIL: How BI analytics makes a daily difference at Woolworths
Danny Naidoo, CIO, Woolworths
Danny Naidoo
Woolworths Holdings Limited is an investment holding company and one of the top 100 companies listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange. Its core business focus is the provision of retail and financial services to upper and middle income groups mainly in South Africa but also in Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It extends, through franchise partnerships, throughout Africa and into the Middle East, trading through more than 400 stores. Woolworths Holdings influence also extends to Australia with a majority share in the Australian retail chain, Country Road. Danny Naidoo will discuss how BI assists to ensure the right customers are targeted at the right time.

STEEL AND MINING: Linking analytics to decisionmaking at Arcelor Mittal
Nick Bell, CEO, Decision Inc. and
Tobie Otto, senior consultant, SAP CoE, ArcelorMittal
Nick Bell
Tobie Otto  
Improved decision making is possible when there is collaboration between business, IT and the analytics team. Operating in 60 countries and employing 260,000 people worldwide, ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company. In 2011 they embarked on a business intelligence journey after realising they need to increase efficiencies and drive cost savings. In 6 months they created more than 10 analytic solutions across HR, Treasury, Accounts, Procurement, Logistics and Plant Maintenance. In Procurement alone, ArcelorMittal saved R50 million in 1 year by identifying and analysing contract spend. In this presentation, Arcelor Mittal shares its BI journey and how it implemented analytics across the organisation to enable improved decision making.

How people feel today determines what they buy tomorrow
JP Kloppers, CEO, BrandsEye
Robert Boccia
Proactive corporates are starting to investigate the extent to which public sentiment expressed on social media is a leading indicator of market share shifts and future purchasing patterns. BrandsEye has been working with multinational brands in South Africa to explore this. In this presentation JP will:
Outline how sentiment can be correlated to other BI metrics
Show areas within the business where this proves a return on investment
Unpack some local case studies

Big data shifts gears to the internet of things
Barry Devlin, founder and principal, 9sight Consulting
Barry Devlin
In his presentation Barry will expand on why internet of things (IoT) data is very different from social media and other 'traditional' big data. He'll also unpack:
Some examples of operational and analytic uses of IoT data
The architecture and technologies for implementing IoT
Various security and privacy considerations
The potential social impacts of IoT data

The citizen-centric government – delivering value with advanced business intelligence
Lyle Petersen, senior advisor, KPMG
Lyle Petersen
Forces such as predictive analytics and big data have the potential to provide a panoramic view of public service delivery, influence decision making and predictively shape the way the public is served. At the same time the inherent business intelligence challenges of data quality, information delivery, relevant skills and end user engagement remain. Lyle's presentation will:
Highlight the tangible benefits of advanced BI in providing forward looking decision making to shape service delivery and improve revenue
Expand on best practices aimed at lowering solution costs, cutting service delivery times, and improve the end user experience
Showcase solutions that mitigate the inherent challenges in implementing advanced government BI

AUTOMOTIVE: Taking BI to the business at Autozone
Glen Slow, CIO, Autozone
  AutoZone is the largest privately owned automotive parts retailer and wholesaler in Southern Africa. It has 135 wholly-owned retail branches, 37 member-owned franchise branches, and a supporting supplier base of 688 world-class suppliers contributing to a massive parts range of over 75 000 parts. It has representation in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Botswana. All branches are supported by a well-developed supply chain as well as merchandising and support services.

Executives need timeous and detailed information to ensure that the business maintains its customer value, delivering the right products at the right price at a profitable return for the business to continue investing in growth. This presentation explores how Autozone kept it simple, so as to ensure business adoption of analytics. Glen will share his insights on how to deal with business challenges, assist the business to drive change, keep the BI momentum going, and get a measurable return.

Decision automation in HR - deriving business value now
Juane Schutte, head: business analytics, Allos South Africa
Juane Schutte
With analytical techniques, HR managers can quantify the cost of employee churn, predict who is likely to leave next and recommend what action to take next in order to retain those employees who have critical jobs. The presentation will cover:
How to apply a framework around addressing the right business problems and the impact on HR objectives
Why picking the right predictive analytical techniques and tools are secondary to asking the right questions - focusing on the 'why' and 'so what' as data professionals
An example of how decision automation in action can predict employee churn and make recommendations to minimise the risk
The benefit from creative visualisations, where the data can inspire decisive action immediately

Breaking insights: BI, data and analytics
Kim Andersen, director, TA Consulting
Kim Andersen
TA Consulting, in association with ITWeb, brings breaking insights to this 10th annual summit into how South African CIOs are using data and analytics to improve profits and performance – or not, as this research will focus on both failures and success stories. It will look at what's been achieved, what's working and what isn't, why CIOs made the BI decisions they did, what they would have done differently and what they will do in the future to address any BI 'pains'.

Practical advice to enable you to continue to conduct analytics lawfully under PoPI
Russell Opland, independent consultant and privacy advisor
Russell Opland
The Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI) has profound implications for business, and especially analytics. As analytics typically is an internal business function, unknown to the ‘data subjec’", and because it usually constitutes ‘further processing’ under PoPI, which processing is limited to the specific purpose for which the information was collected, PoPI poses significant operational risk for data analytics. This session will discuss the specific aspects of PoPI that impact data analytics, and offer practical suggestions to keep your operations legal under PoPI.

Basket analysis for better customer profiles and increased profits
Roland Larson, BI analyst, IRi-Aztec South Africa
Roland Larsoon
In today's retail environment, it isn't good enough to simply merchandise products according to category. Determining how a customer's shopping behaviour changes as they move through their life stages is about filtering out the obvious, exposing the interesting and acting on the insights. In this presentation, Roland Larson will show how applying advanced analytics during customer segmentation and product association exercises for retailers based in the US, the UK, the EU and SA has enabled companies to make better and more meaningful connections with their customers, and led to direct and measurable results.

How will the internet of things change BI?
Dave Ives, director, Karabina Solutions
Dave Ives
Did you know that mines explode 1 000's of tiny PC's daily? Any detonator company can tell you how many exactly and the exact blast sequence. A tractor company leverages weather and soil moisture to help farmers, in a world where food security is becoming more and more complex. Every day, all around us tiny sensors are measuring and collecting data. The market is changing and the pervasive adoption of connected devices brings about the internet of YOUR things in an amazing way – data, transformed into insight by services unseen. In this presentation, Dave Ives explores what companies are doing right now to leverage cloud, devices and big data paradigms to leverage information in their scenarios.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Vodacom – building better connections through a BI competence centre
Morné Bosch-Serfontein, executive head: business intelligence competence centre (BICC), Vodacom
Morné Bosch-Serfontein
Vodacom's BICC harvests, aggregates and reports measurements to respective service recipients to drive desired performance behaviours. It standardises metric definitions, own measurement tools and templates, and is accountable for data integrity, extraction and tactical business support. Morné Bosch-Serfontein will share how it enables Vodacom to:
Focus on generating and measuring analytics business outcomes
Embed analytics into the business processes
Share advanced analytics toolkits and solutions across different local markets
Drive user adoption with data visualisation and interactive/mobile tools
Improve the ROI of analytics business cases with wider reuse, adoption, industrialisation and innovation

Shaping strategies and building revenues through audit analytics
Anton Bouwer, director: professional services, BST Technology
Anton Bouwer
Data analytics and continuous auditing are not new concepts but their appeal is rising. Organisations are increasingly exposed to a variety of new risks such as compliance regulations, fraud schemes, and operational and system inefficiencies that can lead to significant financial loss and reputational damage. Audit analytics ask questions of data that nobody else in the organisation asks and management has begun to realise the importance of gaining insight into the results here. Trend analytics of continuous audit results can provide invaluable early warning signs to business, IT and management in all business sectors. In complex emerging markets audit analytics can play a crucial role in shaping strategies and building revenues. Anton Bouwer will cover:
Unique analytics that auditors perform
Obstacles auditors face in Big Data domains
Emerging trends in continuous auditing
Risk management using trend analytics
Using Control Breakdown Prediction (CBP) to build significant revenue

How mature is your organisation's BI and how do you know?
Yolanda Smit, strategic BI manager, PBT Group
Yolanda Smit
BI maturity models assist organisations to benchmark their BI solutions in order to inform strategic BI strategy definition. But can you trust them to effectively inform your BI decisions and are they relevant in South Africa? A variety of BI maturity models are available globally, e.g. TDWI and Gartner's maturity models, each with a slightly different slant on what drives maturity. Some measures only technical architecture, others introduce some governance drivers. However, few incorporate aspects like culture, strategic alignment, and ability to deliver. These models have also not kept up with the latest trends such as advanced analytics, and big data. This presentation reviews findings from an MBA research project that compares available BI maturity models.




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