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AGENDA DAY ONE - Tuesday 17 March 2015
  07:30 | Arrival & Registration
Welcome and housekeeping
Dr Barry Devlin, founder and principal, 9sight Consulting
Meet the challenges of digital business - get ahead with business analytics
Emiel van Bockel, chairman, BI Competence Forum
The world is undergoing rapid change. Companies wanting to thrive in the years ahead will need to rely heavily on business analytics – to provide the required insights and information on strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Every organisation needs to think about the transition to digital business. Every leading company within the digital industry will have analytics incorporated in their services. No matter who your customers are, and where they are located, they are now your decision-makers, and keeping them will involve the efficient use of analytics.

The key success factors for internal and external analytics are mobile usage, great visualisations and high performance.

Emiel van Bockel
Seven trends driving data discovery
John Sands, evangelist, Qlik
The business intelligence market went through a tipping point in 2014, and according to Gartner, data discovery is now the 'new normal' in BI. Why? In this presentation John Sands will look at the key macro trends that are fundamentally altering how organisations go about BI and analytics, and consider how the market might evolve further in future as companies seek to compete through better use of their data assets.
John Sands
The beautiful science of data visualisation
Andy Cotgreave, senior product evangelist, Tableau Software
Exploring data is about more than just pretty graphics. Seeing and understanding your data is most efficiently done when using tools that are invisible. These tools are built upon the principles of cognitive science. Our visual system is both extremely powerful and also easily fooled. Andy Cotgreave will explore the basic principles of the science of data visualisation and show how these principles make it possible to get answers from your data as fast as you can think of them.
Andy Cotgreave
  10:40 | Tea Break
Breaking insights: BI, data and analytics
Kim Andersen, director, TA Consulting
TA Consulting, in association with ITWeb, brings breaking insights to this 10th annual summit into how South African CIOs are using data and analytics to improve profits and performance – or not, as this research will focus on both failures and success stories.

It will look at what's been achieved, what's working and what isn't, why CIOs made the BI decisions they did, what they would have done differently and what they will do in the future to address any BI 'pains'.

Kim Andersen
"Watson, please advise....."
(How to turn insight into profit using your call centre)
Debbie Botha, senior managing consultant, IBM
Today's call centre agents are either overwhelmed by having unrealistic targets and poor systems to support them or they have mature systems providing them with the next best action to advise the customer.

Debbie Botha will:
Outline the requirements for successful, productive call centre agent/customer interactions
Expand on how to maximise actionable insights and self-service at call centres
Discuss common pitfalls and how to prevent these
Drill down into specifics to offer practical advice, e.g show how engagement advisor capabilities assist agents to get to the heart of customer requirements and how to compile and maintain customer histories
Debbie Botha
  12:30 | Lunch
13:30 - 17:35 | Business track:
Key business imperatives to take into account when developing BI strategies and building revenue streams
Chairman - Dr Barry Devlin, founder and principal, 9Sight Consulting
  Decision automation in HR - deriving business value now
Juane Schutte, head: business analytics, Allos South Africa
With analytical techniques, HR managers can quantify the cost of employee churn, predict who is likely to leave next and recommend what action to take next in order to retain those employees who have critical jobs. The presentation will cover:
How to apply a framework around addressing the right business problems and the impact on HR objectives
Why picking the right predictive analytical techniques and tools are secondary to asking the right questions - focusing on the 'why' and 'so what' as data professionals
An example of how decision automation in action can predict employee churn and make recommendations to minimise the risk
The benefit from creative visualisations, where the data can inspire decisive action immediately
Juane Schutte
Juane Schutte
  14:10 | 5 mins for delegates to change tracks
  Shaping strategies and building revenues through audit analytics
Anton Bouwer, director: professional services, BST Technology
Data analytics and continuous auditing are not new concepts but their appeal is rising. Organisations are increasingly exposed to a variety of new risks such as compliance regulations, fraud schemes, and operational and system inefficiencies that can lead to significant financial loss and reputational damage. Audit analytics ask questions of data that nobody else in the organisation asks and management has begun to realise the importance of gaining insight into the results here. Trend analytics of continuous audit results can provide invaluable early warning signs to business, IT and management in all business sectors. In complex emerging markets audit analytics can play a crucial role in shaping strategies and building revenues. Anton Bouwer will cover:
Unique analytics that auditors perform
Obstacles auditors face in Big Data domains
Emerging trends in continuous auditing
Risk management using trend analytics
Using Control Breakdown Prediction (CBP) to build significant revenue
Anton Bouwer
Anton Bouwer
  14:55 | 5 mins for delegates to change tracks
  Creating predictive analytics within your business that drive revenue
Wesley Govender, director, Deloitte Analytics
Miguel Fernandes, senior manager: data analytics, Deloitte Risk Advisory
Wesley Govender and Miguel Fernandes will cover the requirements for using predictive analytics to successfully drive new opportunities and provide practical advice on how to operationalise these into the enterprise. Their presentation will cover:
Why predict?
Linking predictive analytics to the business decision-making process
What is happening globally?
Barriers to entry and common pitfalls
Trends and how they influence predictive analytics, e.g. PoPi, big data, and the internet of things
Local success stories
Wesley Govender

Wesley Govender

Wesley Govender

Miguel Fernandes

  15:40 | Tea Break
Transportation: Uber - evolving the way the world moves
Alon Lits, general manager, Uber Johannesburg and Durban
Alon will delve into the challenges of transporting a digital business model from abroad into the local market, taking a look at the unique operational requirements Uber faces in the South African environment. He'll explore these while unpacking the myriad of opportunities presented by the digital economy and how Uber has used business intelligence to maximise these.
Alon Lits

Alon Lits

  16:50 | 5 mins for delegates to change tracks
FMCG: How BI delivers to the business at Tiger Brands
Darryl Thwaits, CIO, Tiger Brands
Tiger Brands Limited, a Top 40 JSE Limited company whose footprint extends across the African continent and beyond, is one of the largest manufacturers and marketers of FMCG products in Southern Africa, and has been for several decades. Darryl Thwaits will expand on how business intelligence has contributed to its success, by covering the following in an in-depth case study presentation:
The platform IT chose in response to requests from the business and why
The landscape IT delivered against the business scope
Benefits already delivered to business users
What is next on the horizon to deliver continued business value
Darryl Thwaits

Darryl Thwaits

  17:35 | Closing Remarks
13:30 - 17:35 | Technical track:
The technology considerations and operational realities relevant to maximising BI initiatives
Chairman - Jon Tullett, senior editor: news analysis, ITWeb
  From the internet of things to big smart data
Kamil Kara, BI Presales Specialist, SAP
The world is getting bigger, and access to data is becoming more and more important for businesses to run better. The problem is, there is just too much information out there to access and make sense of. Having the ability to consume, collect, and utilise at real or near real-time speeds becomes the challenge. The change from big data to smart data is the next trend in data evolution. Kara will explore how to change data to information, and information to insight.

Kamil Kara

Kamil Kara

  14:10 | 5 mins for delegates to change tracks
  Data quality management, MDM and data governance: Technology considerations for BI and customer analytics
Bryn Davies, Director, InfoBluePrint
Customer analytics is often hindered by incomplete or unreliable customer master data, and associated efforts, such as marketing segmentation, are close to impossible. To address these challenges, organisations are looking to three central data management disciplines to ensure that customer data can be quality controlled, cleansed, matched, merged, de-duplicated and enriched to deliver sustainable insights and business value.

Bryn Davies will:
Expand on the requirements for successful Data quality management, MDM and data governance
Demonstrate their interdependencies using several real-life case studies from large SA organisations
Unpack the foundational processes, organisational roles and technology components necessary to effectively create a successful and holistic data management programme

Bryn Davie

Bryn Davies

  14:55 | 5 mins for delegates to change tracks
  How mature is your organisation's BI and how do you know?
Yolanda Smit, strategic BI manager, PBT Group
BI maturity models assist organisations to benchmark their BI solutions in order to inform strategic BI strategy definition. But can you trust them to effectively inform your BI decisions and are they relevant in South Africa? A variety of BI maturity models are available globally, e.g. TDWI and Gartner's maturity models, each with a slightly different slant on what drives maturity. Some measures only technical architecture, others introduce some governance drivers. However, few incorporate aspects like culture, strategic alignment, and ability to deliver. These models have also not kept up with the latest trends such as advanced analytics, and big data. This presentation reviews findings from an MBA research project that compares available BI maturity models.

Yolanda Smit

Yolanda Smit

  15:40 | Tea Break
Telecommunications: Vodacom - building better connections through a BI competence centre
Morné Bosch-Serfontein, executive head: business intelligence competence centre (BICC), Vodacom
Vodacom's BICC harvests, aggregates and reports measurements to respective service recipients to drive desired performance behaviours. It standardises metric definitions, measurement tools and templates, and is accountable for data integrity, extraction and tactical business support. Morné Bosch-Serfontein will share how it enables Vodacom to:  
Focus on generating and measuring analytics business outcomes
Embed analytics into the business processes
Share advanced analytics toolkits and solutions across different local markets
Drive user adoption with data visualisation and interactive/mobile tools
Improve the ROI of analytics business cases with wider reuse, adoption, industrialisation and innovation
Morné Bosch-Serfontein

Morné Bosch-Serfontein

  16:50 | 5 mins for delegates to change tracks
Financial Services: Insuring the future through the use of BI at
Lion of Africa
Robert Boccia, CIO, Lion of Africa, Wian Koch, enterprise architect for Business Intelligence, Lion of Africa and Reshma Somaroo, operational finance manager, Lion of Africa
Lion of Africa, a South African non-life insurance company, has been recognised by the Financial Intermediaries Association as one of the top five corporate and commercial insurers providing services to the top 100 JSE-listed companies and local authorities . Robert Boccia will expand on how a maturity model was used to mature all the foundational pieces to get to the point where BI at the organisation became a reality. He’ll touch on why data quality is critical and show how data governance, data quality, and data stewardship was established. He’ll describe how and why the business was encouraged to adopt the use of dashboards, and talk about what the next step in the company’s BI journey is.
JP Kloppers
Robert Boccia
  17:35 | Closing Remarks
  17:45 - 19:00 | Cocktail function sponsored by Qlik View



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