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Proper planning eliminates most if not all risks when embarking on a migration project, says Sanford Edinberry, data centre technology solutions professional at Microsoft SA.

Proper planning eliminates most of the risks associated with cloud migrations.

That was the main theme at the Transform Your Datacentre Executive Forum held in Johannesburg last week. The event was hosted by Vision Solutions and Microsoft, in partnership with ITWeb.

Sanford Edinberry, data centre technology solutions professional at Microsoft SA, says organisations are aware that cloud migration or change to the status quo is a daunting decision to make.

He points out organisations fear losing data, affecting system performance, or negatively impacting on user experience through the cloud migration process.

"Proper planning will do away with most, if not all, risks and challenges when embarking on a migration project," says Edinberry.

He urges organisations to engage with a partner who has the skill set and experience to assist if they have not embarked on a migration project before.

"Select a proven and well-supported technology to automate the cloud migration process - one that caters for a fall-back mechanism in case unforeseen issues arise."

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