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Unveiling the NSA

William (Bill) Binney, former NSA director

William Binney spent more than 30 years working at the NSA, and has been described as one of the best analysts in its history. He left the agency in 2001, having publicly disagreed with its data collection policies. During his international keynote he'll draw back the veil and reveal what the state-adversary looks like from the inside.

William Binney
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Engaging hackers to create a positive impact

Keren Elazari, cyber security expert and analyst at Gigaom Research

Hackers are Keren Elazari's heroes. She'll share her deep insights into why they represent an exceptional force for change with the power to literally save the digital future. She'll cover some of the biggest problems in cyber security today and how these can be addressed, by learning from hackers and even working with them. Bug bounty programmes, red team testing, collaborative information sharing and empowering customers and partners are some of the things every business can do - if they harness the power of the hackers.

Keren Elazari
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The NSA Playset - a year of toys and tools

Michael Ossmann, founder of Great Scott Gadgets and information security engineer at Protiro

Inspired by the contents of the leaked NSA ANT catalogue, the NSA Playset project has produced an array of gadgets with capabilities similar to those employed by the spooks. Michael Ossman will review the entire collection that has grown over a full year since the start of the project. This includes new tools for USB, PCI Express, I2C, GSM, Bluetooth, and a family of RF retroreflectors for eavesdropping on a wide variety of electronic devices. Now you can play along with the NSA!

Michael Ossmann
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Attacks on Tor

Roger Dingledine, president, director, and co-founder of The Tor Project

Embraced by government agents, journalists and criminals alike, the Tor Project has brought anonymity to those who need it most. The project has weathered a deluge of attacks, including government agencies, denial of service attacks, and close scrutiny of its open source code. Roger Dingledine, co-founder of the Tor Project, will discuss the realities of maintaining and securing a high-profile open source project and its many users against the world's most hostile and sophisticated adversaries.

Roger Dingledine
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Pan African security initiatives - how to interface with initiatives on the continent, with a specific focus on Tanzania

Yusuph Kileo, cyber security and digital forensics expert

Yuseph Kileo will explore the current security initiatives in Africa, what they entail and which government agencies and other organisations are involved. He will draw on his experience with the Tanzania Police Force's Cyber Crime Unit to expand on the current threat levels in Africa and what needs to be done to increase awareness, cover what governments in Africa are doing to improve the interfaces between each other and the relevant law enforcement agencies, and discuss how business should be interacting with these African security initiatives.

Yusuph Kileo
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Fighting Cybercrime in Africa - the Nigerian perspective

Abdulkarim Chukkol, head of the Advance Fee Fraud and Cyber Crime Section for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Nigeria.

Technology is breaking traditional human barriers and highly organised, efficient and complex cyber fraud groups in Africa are taking full advantage of this. Using case studies, Abdulkarim Chukkol will unpack locally tailored solutions that are proving effective in the fight against cyber crime in his country and expand on how these can be implemented effectively in other African countries.

Abdulkarim Chukkol
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Getting down to business with information security

Kris Budnik, managing director, Slva Information Security

It is an age-old problem - how do you get stakeholder buy-in and support for information security initiatives? Laws have been written and governance codes prepared - all of which place responsibility where it should be, yet this makes little difference. Kris Budnik will offer a new perspective - taking a critical look at "best practices", and offering practical advice on possible changes to the current approach to, and management of, enterprise information security programmes - with a view to having these programmes being accepted as an integral part of the business.

Kris Budnik
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Combatting insider fraud in the enterprise - challenges identified and how to overcome these

Yolande Schoültz, manager: risk and fraud management division, Sage VIP Payroll & HR

According to PwC's Global Economic Crime Survey, 42% of SA companies encountered human resources related fraud during 2012 and 2013 - nearly three times the global average. This paints a stark picture of how common this form of insider fraud has become in South Africa, despite the fact that it is seldom in the headlines. Yolande Schoültz will discuss the many forms this crime takes, from ghost employees to inflated expense claims and falsification of benefits. She will discuss the gaps in systems and processes that insiders exploit to commit this form of fraud, the reason it is becoming more prevalent, and prevention measures.

Yolande Schoültz
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A cyber threat dashboard for the Board - communicating a practical security risk view to Exco and the Board

Steve Jump, head: corporate information security governance, Telkom

Almost every news channel today is filled with warnings and alerts about cyber threats that can affect your business. All of them are real, but understanding which ones are relevant is critical. This presentation introduces the basic components used to create a high level cyber threat dashboard that covers international, industry specific and local cyber threats, explains how each of these could affect your business, and how well your current operational security systems and processes have mitigated them.

Steve Jump
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Exposing the enemy - organised cyber crime

Jason Jordaan, head of the Cyber Forensic Laboratory for the Special Investigating Unit, South Africa

Jason Jordaan will draw on his considerable digital forensics experience and reference recent attacks on Gautrain and Eskom to:

Explore the nature of organised cyber crime
Discuss how they operate
Expand on the shortfalls of current law enforcement strategies
Show how to successfully counter organised cyber crime
Jason Jordaan
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Digital forensics - how to make the charges stick

Danny Myburgh, founder and managing director, Cyanre

Danny Myburgh will take a look at the legal requirements in digital forensics and the legal challenges digital forensics face when presented as evidence in court, focussing on what needs to be taken into consideration when attempting to secure a conviction. As an example, he'll explore the legal relevance of the Oscar Pistorius trial as it pertains to IT professionals.

Danny Myburgh
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The strategic importance of a national cyber security capacity building initiative for South Africa

Professor Basie von Solms, director: Centre for Cyber Security, University of Johannesburg

Professor von Solms will cover:

The status of cyber security expertise abroad and here in South Africa
Why this expertise is of such a high strategic value - from both a public and private sector perspective
The role of the public and private sector in building cyber security capacity - what's being done and what must be implemented to safeguard our economy
Professor Basie von Solms
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Practical application of data analysis in information security

Mohamed Khan, senior analyst, Transnet, and
Justin Williams, director, ITSec

Data is everywhere, its volume is growing every year, and it's fast becoming one of business's biggest resources and challenges. Mastering the collection and analysis of this data will provide an organisation with the insight to maximise opportunity or reduce risk. Specifically in the field of information security including, network monitoring, authentication and authorisation of users, identity management, fraud detection, and systems of governance, risk and compliance, data and its analysis is being more carefully considered and managed. This presentation will provide practical examples of the collection, categorisation and the analysis of data and its role in identifying vulnerabilities within the organisation.

Mohamed Khan
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Justin Williams
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A framework for using open source intelligence as a digital forensic investigative tool

Samantha Rule, founder of Great Scott secretary, (ISC)2 Cape Town Chapter

In the last few years a new crime scene has been established - the digital domain. Law enforcement agencies throughout the world are being confronted with an increased requirement to investigate crimes committed partially or entirely over the Internet or other electronic media. Digital forensic evidence data extraction from social networks has become vital with the increased use of social networks. The digital forensic discipline faces various problems such as not being able to conduct a digital forensic investigation using traditional digital forensic techniques. Samantha Rule will unpack a new framework that has been created for using open source intelligence, focusing on social networks as a digital forensic investigative tool.

Samantha Rule
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Hacked - why we all fail at information security

Reino Mostert, security analyst, Telspace Systems

Through experience gained as both attacker and defender, this presentation will expose the most common flaws within the practice of information security in large corporates and enterprises. Both business and technical aspects will be covered, with special focus on the process complexity that eventually leads to security failings. Specifically, the talk will look at topics such as procurement, architecture design, change control, ticketing workflow and vulnerability management. Taking these issues into account, this talk will also cover real life examples of security failings, the technical issues involved, fixing these issues and how this relates back to business processes.

Reino Mostert
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