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Organisations must use creative thinking and innovative new technologies to address security issues, says Palo Alto Networks' Scott Stevens.

New approaches needed to secure networks

Organisations are finding it difficult to combat emerging and evolving cyber threats and need new approaches to secure networks.

So said Scott Stevens, VP of technology and worldwide systems engineering at Palo Alto Networks, presenting at the ITWeb Cyber Security Executive Forum at Montecasino last week.

According to Stevens, the barrier to entry for attackers has come down significantly over the years, with exploit kits now being easily purchased online with full support. Also, advanced persistent threats and procedures are now becoming the norm in cyber crime, added Stevens.

He noted advanced persistent threats are a set of stealthy and continuous computer hacking processes, often orchestrated by humans and used to target organisations and nations for business or political motives.

Cyber crime has become a $445 billion industry, with more than 100 nations actively building cyber military capabilities, said Stevens.

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Cyber threat acceleration 'frightening'
Johannesburg, 19 Feb 2015

If you're only detecting cyber threats, you're already on the back foot.

So says Scott Stevens, VP Technology, Worldwide Systems Engineering at Palo Alto Networks.
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