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Abdul Baba Abdul Baba,
CIO, SkyNet

  Brian Bakker Brian Bakker,
Freelance editor/journalist


Robert Boccia Robert Boccia,
CIO, Lion of Africa Insurance
  Robert Boccia Francis Cronjé,
Founder & MD of Ф and CEO at InfoSeal


Bernard Donnelly Bernard Donnely,
Senior Manager: Cloud Architecture, Cybernest, Telkom
  Brendan Dysel Brendan Dysel,
Head: data centre systems, Teraco


Stuart Fox Stuart Fox,
Group Business Development Director, Dimension Data
  Stephen Green Stephen Green,
MEA Executive : Data Centre Business Unit, Dimension Data

Kevin Govender Kevin Govender,
Group chief enterprise architect (strategy and enterprise architecture)
  Leoni Groenewald Leoni Groenewald,
CIO, Teraco Data Environments


Chris George Chris George,
Global Network Acquisition, Google
  Jan Hnizdo,
CFO, Teraco Data Environments


Kevin Krige Kevin Krige,
Advise Compute, BT Global Services SSA

  Gareth Mellon Gareth Mellon,
Team Leader : Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) , Frost & Sullivan Africa


Nkosana Mbokane,
Chief Technology Officer , TechnoChange Business Solutions
  Yemi Oguntade Yemi Oguntade,
IT director Africa ABO & DBU, Cummins Africa

Warren Olivier Warren Olivier,
regional manager: Southern Africa, Veeam Software
  Jon Tullett Jon Tullett,
Analyst and Content Strategist, ITWeb

Data centres: cornerstone of digital economy
By Busie Mhlanga-Mjimba, Johannesburg, 6 Jul 2015

Data centres are high investment areas and are typically built every 10 to 15 years. As a result, most companies end up tuning their environments over this period.

Only companies that have recently built their data centres will have taken advantage of some of the major trends – the others are retrofitting as applicable to minimise costs.

Moving towards services-oriented data centres
By Busie Mhlanga-Mjimba, Johannesburg, 2 Jul 2015

While SA seems to be ahead of most African countries when it comes to data centre trends, it appears to be lagging behind in comparison to other global data centre players. So says Nkosana Mbokane, CTO of TechnoChange Solutions, who notes the level of maturity can be measured, for example, by counting the number of South African companies with tier-four data centres.

Data centres: the heartbeat of IT business
By Busie Mhlanga-Mjimba, Johannesburg, 25 June 2015

With increased business demands for data residing in the data centre, the need for greater flexibility is only going to grow. This is according to Robert Boccia, CIO of Lion of Africa Insurance, who notes the time has arrived for businesses to expand and accelerate on the journey to build the data centre of the future that can automatically drive the business forward.

SA's data centre connectivity lags
By Busie Mhlanga-Mjimba, Johannesburg, 8 June 2015

More than ever, companies are leveraging data centres to connect with employees, facilities, customers, vendors and the Internet. This is according to Warren Olivier, regional manager at Veeam Software, who notes a data centre is the brain of a company and the place where the most critical processes are run.

Shaking up the data centre
By Busie Mhlanga-Mjimba, Johannesburg, 28 May 2015

Regardless of whether a company operates its own data centre or is using a co-location model, three things should top the modern data centre professional's priority list to ensure operational efficiency, says Lex van Wyk, CEO of Teraco Data Environments.

Pressure mounts for data centre managers
By Busie Mhlanga-Mjimba, Johannesburg, 23 Apr 2015

Managing the modern data centre presents a host of challenges, and managers responsible for data centres are feeling the pressure. The data centre of yesterday is no longer enough for the evolving business of today.



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