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CIOs across SA and the rest of Africa are moving to hybrid cloud, but cost is not their main motivator, says IBM's Ulli Reyneke.

Cost not Africa's cloud driver

CIOs across SA and the rest of Africa are moving to hybrid cloud, but cost is not their main motivator, delegates heard at an IBM IaaS Showcase Executive Forum in Johannesburg this week.

Ulli Reyneke, sales and distribution enterprise CAMSS leader at IBM SA, says research shows that, unlike CIOs elsewhere in the world, South African CIOs are looking to hybrid cloud deployments for reasons other than cost efficiencies alone.

"Businesses want to be agile, but at the same time, they are looking to quality infrastructure and services and they need to position themselves for growth. These are the main drivers for hybrid cloud adoption now."

Indran Naick, ecosystem development senior certified architect and IBM master inventor, agrees. "The African market is adopting cloud primarily for speed of execution, not for cost control. Cloud gives Africa a stepping stone to growth," he says.

Through cloud, start-ups and business disruptors have instant access to as much computer power as a Fortune 500 company does, speakers said, giving innovators an unprecedented opportunity to compete with established enterprises on an equal footing.

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