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[Salary Survey 2016]

ITWeb/CareerWeb 2016 IT Salary Survey Results

In association with Emergence Growth


About the survey

The16th annual ITWeb/CareerWeb IT Salary Survey captured a total of 3 550 valid responses from permanently employed IT professionals.

It was conducted in partnership with remuneration specialist Emergence Growth and ran on ITWeb's Web site for a period of four weeks earlier this year.

Of those who took part, 32% were female, and 68% male. They included C-level executives, business managers, consultants, IT practitioners and developers from around the country, ranging in age from 20 to over 50, and from organisations with under 10 people, to enterprise giants with over 5 000 staff.

As this was an online opt-in survey, the sample was not controlled. The results report is meant to serve as a guideline for local ICT salary trends.

All figures reported in this survey are total annual cost to company packages.

Read the results analysis:

Top salaries for business app chiefs, software architects

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All valid respondents stand a chance to win a super-cool Nespresso UMilk coffee machine, valued at R2 750.

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